About Beau


Hi, I’m Beau! I am 35, a bit of a health freak, and I work out and do yoga daily. My passions are people and photography of course. I’ve been shooting for over 12 years. I worked in journalism for MTV news in NYC back in 1999, and I also worked in Broadcast advertising as a producer for three years in LA. I was also a model booker for a year in Dallas.

I absolutely love what I do and all the people I get to interact with. Every job and every session is different, so it keeps me on my toes. I treat all of my clients the same way- whether the project is big or small, I put my whole heart and soul into it.

I have been taking pictures since I was 14. I mowed people’s lawns in order to save up for a camera and then I opened my first studio when I was 17. Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time. Since then, I have worked with products, people, and all sorts of events. You name it, and I have probably shot it!

There are so many details that go into my work that could be easily overlooked, but I think it’s what makes my photography different- they can look at it more than once and find new reasons to appreciate it.