Headshots & Portrait Photography

Your portrait is more than your smiling face. For models and actors, it’s the first step to a job. It needs to capture your passion, vitality, and the depth of your soul in one image.

The photographers at Beau Bumpas Photography create portraits that reflect your personality and style. Your photo session is all about you, your look, and what you want to convey. You’ll look natural, in control, and completely at ease…the best way for a casting director or agent to see you.

We can also hire a top-notch makeup artist to be on site for your appointment to keep your look fresh and fantastic. Casting directors and agents in Dallas and Los Angeles highly recommend our photographers, too.

Not an actor or model? Your portrait is just as important. A beautiful portrait is a wonderful gift for someone you love. It reflects you at your very best, with a sweet smile or a soulful gaze.

Our work is top-notch and our rates are affordable. Our goal at Beau Bumpas Photography is to put the focus on you.