3 Creative Business Tips for Success

3 Creative Business Tips for Success







[A snapshot of a recent commercial advertising shoot]


My business shooting headshots in Dallas Tx has grown over the years in different ways. When I first started over 10 years ago, all I had was a camera and a backdrop. These days, I’ve grown and branched out into different types of shoots – commercial photography, group business headshots, modeling headshots, acting headshots, and the list continues to expand. I’ve noticed some of the other creative firms in Dallas keep their secrets to themselves, but I want to share my experience with you this week. Here are 3 creative business tips for success.


Don’t Cut Costs on Marketing


One of the biggest mistakes I hear from clients is they assume their marketing is where they can save. While that may seem like the immediate best option, it has long term side effects. Marketing activities like search engine optimization, creative campaigns and web development are key to a business’ success. After all, if no one knows about you then they can’t hire you.


Highlight Your Employees


There’s a big difference between vendors and partners. Vendors are the people who just supply you with a product or perform a service, nothing more or less. Partners are the people that work together with you to create something big. If your company isn’t highlighting their employees and building a relationship with your clients, then you’re a vendor. Make sure to have routine headshots in Dallas done for your company so clients can put a name with a face and get to know the people who make your business great.


Revitalize Your Brand


Every Mom and Pop business can slap a logo on a stock image of a happy family and call it a day. It’s not creative, it’s just putting something out because you “should.” An effective business practice is creating a different concept that sets you apart from competitors. Develop an idea and strategy, enlist design/copywriting services to build out the concept and book a commercial photography shoot to bring the idea to life. Remember – there are a number of companies doing what you’re doing, be sure to make yours stand out.


I know this may sound very buttoned-up and professional, but that doesn’t mean I only do commercial photography or group business headshots in Dallas. Let’s get in touch if you’re looking into adding value to your business, looking for modeling headshots, acting headshots, or more. Submit a form online or call today.

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