3 Essential Makeup Tips for your Executive Portrait

When preparing for a corporate headshot, it’s easy to become hung up on how exactly you’ll do your makeup.

Read on for some essential makeup tips for your executive portrait that will help you put your best face forward!

Preparing your skin

Your makeup will look infinitely better if you prep your skin first, and bonus points if you can swing a week in advance.

Leading up to your session, get a facial if you can. Then right before your photo session, gently exfoliate your skin.

Afterward, apply a lightweight moisturizer and don’t forget to get some lip balm on those lips.

Next up, prime your skin with a primer that fits your individual skin needs, whether that’s reducing redness, oiliness, dryness, etc.

Perfecting your look

Foundation is a must for professional photos in order to even your skin tone and leave it looking velvety smooth. You’ve been working hard and it’s showing with those under-eye circles.

Concealer will help neutralize any darkness or redness and using a pink or peachy color will help tone them down. Avoid using powder or you risk appearing one dimensional.

Feeling your best

You want to appear effortless, not made up like a pageant queen. Use shades like ivories, apricots, browns, and pinks to avoid looking harsh on camera. Your makeup should appear natural and well-blended.

Does the stress of doing your makeup for your executive portrait make you want to avoid the endeavor altogether?

At Beau Bumpas, we not only take esteemed headshots and executive portraits, but we also have access to a talented makeup artist that will keep you looking your best throughout the entire session.

Browse through our headshot gallery and give us a call at 214-394-1384 to book your session!

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