4 Epic Photoshop Fails




I’m the first to admit that I love retouching. It’s one of the biggest services I feature to my clients and it’s something that can really enhance a photo. I think everyone should look their best, and if that means removing an awkward line or hiding a funny pose, I’m all for that. However, when retouchers and editors cross the line and make their subject appear almost unrecognizable, there’s a problem. I see it more often than I’d like, and in the past I’ve had a heavy hand with the Photoshop tools myself. So this week, I wanted to take a look at 4 epic Photoshop fails as a guide of what to avoid.


Bethenney Frankel’s PETA Fail

4 epic photoshop failsImage via Us Weekly

The queen bee of New York housewives, Bethenney Frankel, did a PETA shoot a few years ago and the retouchers ripped her to shreds. They ironed her face, removed every line on her back and side, removed the lower part of her breast, and smoothed her leg out. It’s almost a different person in the side-by-side!




Lindsay Lohan’s Booty Blowout

4 epic photoshop failsImage via Instagram

Lindsay has a few photoshop fails, but this one is the most blatant. Just take a peak at Ms. Lohan’s rear end in relation to the wall. Need I say more?






Jeb Bush’s Magic Hand

4 epic photoshop failsImage via Entertainment Weekly

During the former Republican nominee’s failed presidential campaign last year, Jeb Bush released a few promotional shots where one of his hands appears to have changed ethnicities mysteriously. Either Jeb’s staff had a bone to pick or he tried appealing to a different voter group!



The Kardashian’s Flawless Fail

4 epic photoshop failsImage via Sears

Okay, so I usually love everything these girls do… But this time it was too much. The Kardashian sisters released a promotional campaign for their Sears lingerie line, and the photos were perfect. Too perfect. Their faces look like porcelain! Take a lesson from Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe – sometimes, your imperfections are the very things that give you character.





Take a lesson from these celebs – sometimes, less is more.

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