4 Photography Marketing Tips for 2017




Each year, my Dallas business headshot and commercial headshot clients take the month of December to strategize on making 2017 even more productive. Their respective companies know they need to market and hear the thousands of way to do so, but they don’t know which method will help them best. I may be a little biased, but I think group business headshots in Dallas is the simplest, most effective way to market your team and connect with your own vendors or clients. However, there are tons of ways you can speak to your audience effectively. Here are 4 photography marketing tips for 2017.

  • Group headshots
    This will always be the strongest and most effective marketing material in my opinion. If you’re a service provider or selling a product, prospective customers want to know who they’re going to be working with to meet their needs. There’s no stronger method to connect with people than to introduce yourself in a commercial photography shoot to your market. Putting a name to a face
    and company is personal, high-impact way to showcase your team and makes a connection.
  • Product or service photography
    If you have a team that prefers to work behind the scenes, another effective method is to showcase what you do or what you offer in a product or service photography. When prospective clients see for themselves what you offer, they’re more inclined to research further and submit an inquiry for your product or service. The devil is definitely in the details – if people know the intricacies
     of your product or service, they develop trust.
  • Team interview series
    Becoming a thought leader in your industry is key to long-term sustained success, so the next step to establishing your knowledge in your field is to create a team interview series where each member of your company describes what they do and why they do it. Elaborating on your success in an easy-to-understand, “thumb-stopping” format for social media will reach a huge number of people and help grow your audience.
  • Periodic updates and newsletters
    As a professional, you should make sure the conversation never stops between you and your audience. Maintaining that connection in easy formats like periodic email updates or newsletters makes that personal connection even stronger. You can let customers know when you have new team members join your organization, service or product updates, and seasonal offers come up.

When you or your company is ready to start your 2017 marketing initiatives, contact me for group headshot or commercial photography shoots. Group discounts are available for your team. Stay active in your marketing efforts and keep leading the conversation!

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