Building a Modeling Portfolio

modeling portfolio

If you are aspiring to be a model, one of the most important assets is your portfolio. You will want to aim for quality, not quantity. How do you go about assembling your portfolio? Follow these tips in order to wow modeling agents.

Preparing for a Shoot

The first thing you need to do is get professional pictures taken, if you haven’t already. If you’re not sure who to go with, make some calls and get a feel for the people you could potentially be working with.

Hire a professional makeup artist. This is another time you will want to do some shopping around based on your style or budget, but this is one area you will not want to gloss over.

Take a look through magazines, clothes catalogues, and online to find poses you like. Make sure you practice in front of a mirror. Get another person’s opinion- preferably someone you trust that will give you their honest opinion.

Consider what looks or outfits you’re going for. There should be about three outfits and they should cover a wide variety of styles. Along this same line of thought, keep your hair, skin and nails in good condition. These small details will matter! Keep well groomed, and spend a little extra on haircuts and manicures if necessary.

Take a few extra minutes to inspect your clothes. Are there stains? Are they super wrinkled? Make sure they too are in top shape. Can you say close up?

Two days before the shoot, call the photographer and make sure everything is still on schedule.  The day before however will be all about you. Make sure you eat, sleep, and drink well to make sure you’re looking radiant from the inside out!

Tip: uses skin and facial products you already know that work for your skin type. Nothing would be worse than having a rash the day of your shoot!

At the Shoot

Enjoy yourself! The more you can relax and have a good time, the more that will translate into your pictures.

Make sure your photographer understands what looks and attitudes you’re going for. If you’re stuck, ask for their advice.

After the Shoot

Send thank you notes to your photographer and makeup artist.

Once you have your photos, take a look and sort out the ones that came out better. If you have five that came out great- stop there! This would be much better than having 15 that were just “ok.”

Assembling Your Portfolio

Buy a folder or hardcover book to put the photos in. You want something that will not only look professional, but will protect your pictures from getting damaged. Sort the pictures out based on how you want to be portrayed as a model. You may have to try a few combinations before you find the right one.

As you continue to do more modeling work, keep updating your portfolio. If you have friends who are aspiring to become photographers, work out an agreement to model for them- so long as you can use the pictures in the portfolio.


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