Getting the Perfect Headshot

headshotNot only actors and models require headshots. Corporate executives are using them to put a face to their companies or their brands.  So capturing the perfect image, one which really represents who the person is, is the goal of every headshot photographer.

Consider doing a little research before you choose a photographer who specializes in doing headshots. Look at portfolios, and talk to others who have used them before making your decision.

When the day comes there are a few steps you should follow.

If the subject is a performer, casual clothes will do, but an executive might wear a suit or some clothes that represent the company. Clothes should not be busy or ornate. You do not want to take away from the face.

Finding a good location is crucial. Most headshots are taken in the photographer’s studio where there is a plain wall or background that will not interfere with highlighting the face. If you must shoot outside be sure the background is not too busy.

Lighting is very important. If indoors use a hairlight for more depth, and if outdoors make sure the light is diffused. You don’t want there to be any shadows across the face.

When choosing equipment, a 90mm lens is probably best as wide angle and mis angle lenses can sometimes distort the face. You want a headshot that is in sharp focus.

For the ladies, make sure that any makeup used is as natural as possible and only enhances the face without changing the look of it. You want the subject to look like themselves.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Make sure that the expression on your subject’s face truly represents him/her, and creates the impression desired.

If you are a performer you might wish to include a video of yourself.

Headshots tell a potential client or employer who you are, and so they should reflect you. In this case less is more, and the simpler your headshot, the more it will say about you.


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