How to Choose the Right Backdrop for Your Photoshoot

Photography Backdrop

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you also want it to look like a million dollars. One of the ways to make sure your photos turn out like you want is to make sure you are selecting the correct backdrop. You want to select the best one for the story you want the picture to tell. Most experienced photographers will know what you need and will help you make these decisions.

Below we have compiled a few of the favorites and the applications they would suit the best. This doesn’t mean these are the only ways they can be used; it is simply the most popular choice for that particular backdrop.

  1. Canvas- These backdrops hold up unbelievably well to use and can lend themselves to more situations than you could imagine. Because of the weight of these backdrops they don’t tend to crease or cause shadowing. This is great for a professional looking photo or portrait.
  2. Seamless Paper- These backdrops can come in many different colors and provide a very vivid backdrop. This can make the subject of the picture seem more modern and stand out against a colorful background. The only hard thing about this is you don’t want to match your backdrop, make sure to choose a color that will compliment your outfit, skin tone, hair color, and eye color and NOT your backdrop!
  3. Muslin- this is extremely soft fabric and also versatile like the canvas. This should be used to make a more romantic shoot or warm and inviting shoot. It would be great for a newborn baby or even softer senior portraits.

When it comes to your photos with Beau Bumpas Photography, you will find that whether you use canvas, paper, muslin, or even the outdoors as your backdrop, you will love the outcome and how well they showcase your personality.

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