How to shoot your own Corporate Headshot

If you chose to shoot your own executive portrait or corporate headshot, here are a few tips to help you get started. First, Ask yourself a few questions:
  • What kind of background do I need or want for my headshot?
  • Should I use a professional DSLR camera or can I use a point & shoot?
  • What kind of wardrobe or outfit should I chose?
I would highly suggest shooting your executive/corporate headshot outside if possible if you’re using a point & shoot camera.
Using a point & shoot on a white or grey background tends to always make the final image look FLAT and boring. Your main goal is to make yourself appear 3 dimensional…it’s more appealing to the eye. When shooting your headshot outside using natural light be sure to have your co-worker or photographer shoot you in an areas that has even lighting. I typically find an area where the background is lush and shaded. Try to avoid hotspots from the sun on your face or clothes. I usually shoot natural light images under park bridges and doorways using the awesome effect called tunnel lighting. Shoot your subject in a doorway in direct sunlight lighting makes them glow. It’s really cool.
Should I use a professional DSLR camera or can I use a point & shoot?
If you cannot find or use a DSLR camera…the best consumer point & shoot would be the canon powershot s3is. You can get an nice depth of field in two ways: Max zoom or macro mode. When you go to 12x zoom and using f/3.5…you get a very nice narrow depth of field.
How should I angle my camera?
Where you place your camera makes a huge difference in how you will appear in your final image.
A high camera angle will emphasize the face more than body. This might be a good idea if you are a heavier set person. This will make you appear SLIMMER in the final image.
A lower camera angle will make a person look taller and powerful. However, this is not a very flattering angle for most people. If you’re shooting a group of people…always position the camera at eye level so none gets distorted or look unproportioned.
For a single person headshot position the camera slightly above eye level. It give the face a nice shape in the final image.
What kind of wardrobe or outfit is appropriate for my corporate headshot?
I would suggest wearing a tailored collard shirt or blouse. Blues, greens, and reds are my personal favorite color options for women. For men, a simple white shirt with a bold tie is always nice. Stay away from loud colors such as oranges or poke dots…they tend to be very reflective and distracting.

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