Is #InstaModel a real thing?

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Warning: this is a very opinionated, industry-influenced blog on the rise of the #InstaModel.

Everyone with a camera phone and an Instagram thinks they’re a model lately. I’ve never seen so many posts with the hashtags #model #instamodel #instahot – it’s almost offensive to a person like myself coming from a background in fashion photography. Men and women are constantly, almost obsessively posting pictures of themselves hoping that an agency like Wilhemina, Ford, or Campbell Models will come knocking on their door. As a professional photographer who’s shot thousands of models and now specializes in executive portraits, I’ve seen it all and can honestly say I’m baffled by the rise of the #InstaModel.

I’ve had clients come by the studio to have shots submitted for major publications – which is generally routine – but then seeing how they decided to submit by looking at their Instagram struck me as odd. It’s already a hard-enough industry to break into, but add onto that a plethora of selfies on your social media accounts and it’s almost impossible.

Spoiler Alert: Almost all of you aspiring models pitching yourselves on Instagram will probably not make it. Not because you’re not attractive, not because you’re not ambitious, but because you don’t fit the measurements of sample clothes and you’re not pursuing a career through the proper avenues.

1. Measurements:

The fashion industry looks for their models based on amazing looks and specific sample sizes. The minimum requirements for female models is in the 5’9 to 6’ ft. range. The minimum male model requirements are in the 6’ to 6’3 ft. range. These vary slightly based on agency requirements from the client, but this is the standard.

2. The Proper Avenues:

If you’re serious about pursuing a modeling career, I cannot stress how important it is to have an agent. By going out and seeking proper representation, you increase your likelihood of getting signed immensely. Make sure that you call around, get headshots done and find an agent that has your best interests at heart.

3. Take Control of your Image

Everyone’s on the internet. Everyone can find your posts and see your images on their feed. Make sure you’re posting things that won’t conflict with the image of an agency and make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Follow these three simple steps and you can go from posting #InstaModel pictures to getting signed with an agency.

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