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Hi friends! I wanted to throw out a few of my juicing tips for everyone who’s been messaging me about my new juicing adventure. I swear I haven’t felt so healthy and spiritually connected in my entire life! With my busy shooting schedule staying healthy is my top priority.

A few months ago I was having issues with my energy level, my skin looked taxed and I just wasn’t feeling good overall. I would work out everyday and eat balanced meals, however I wasn’t seeing any progress…basically I felt like crap.  In June my good friend gave me her Jack La Lanne juicer to try out. It has completely changed my life!

Today I put together a few of my favorite juicing tips and solutions.



The Juicer

The Jack La Lanne is relatively inexpensive juicer and pretty powerful. It’s less powerful than some, but much safer to clean because the blade isn’t really sharp. It’s also easy to clean.

The Produce

Carrots, green apples, cucumbers and celery make great bases. After you have that you can also add things that add a lot of vitamins or color like leafy greens, beets and other fruits. My favorite flavor additions are mint leaves and fresh ginger. 

Favorite Recipe: fresh orange juice + ginger, green apple + collard greens + cucumber, pineapple + cucumber and pomegranate + pineapple + coconut milk.

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