Less isn’t more: why Hair & Make Up is vital

More times than Beau Blognot, clients will come in to my studio and try to do their hair and make-up on their own. Sure, your normal ‘do looks great for your day-to-day activities but may not be a great choice for photos. The subtle details of your face get picked up in a big way on camera and everything is magnified.

Thinking that it’ll be just like a selfie photo shoot, people come in and expect me to retouch any blemishes or imperfections. While that may work great with Instagram filters, it’s just not the same with a DSLR camera. The lens picks up everything. Everything. Any loose hairs, any missed spots, anything.

Hair and make up artists are necessary.

First of all, they’re skilled professionals who are educated on exactly how to perfect a look and style you. They’ll make your photos that much better and give you that extra “oomph” you need to further your professional endeavors.

Second, they’re detail-oriented. While we get ready as fast as we can and say to ourselves in the mirror, “good enough,” they look over your hair and face and pinpoint which areas need more attention. They have the tools and the products to make you look flawless.

Third, and perhaps most enticing, they’re not as expensive as one would think. They’re affordably priced for one of my one-hour photo shoots and come straight to the studio.

Contact me for rates on an executive portrait session and ask about the amazing hair and make up artists I work with.

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  1. Tammy Wood

    Beau- I love your work and am interested in a photo shoot. I am a healthcare executive in medical device and want something edgy and fun. Can you send me your rates for a one hour shoot? Also interested in someone to do my hair and makeup. Thanks in advance!


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