New Hires, New Headshots: setting your new employees up for success in 2017

Happy 2017 to all my corporate headshots and group photography clients in Dallas, Texas! I hope your year has started as busy as I have. With each new year brings a new list of business objectives, revenue goals, and new hires to make it all happen. This week, we’re focusing on how to set up the freshest members of your team for success best both in the boardroom and on the web!
1. Boosts sense of stock in company
Nothing makes a new hire feel more “a part of” at a company than receiving their own commercial business headshots and getting settled into their new Dallas, Texas company. Getting professional headshots may seem like a mundane, routine activity at many companies but it makes a person feel like their company appreciates them and sees their worth.


2. Boosts SEO when writing about new hires
Again, seeing a blog written about themselves makes your new hire feel like their company appreciates them, but it also benefits the company as a whole through SEO. Featuring a new piece of content with specific keywords related to your business, as well as highlighting your new hire’s strengths and experience, kills two birds with one stone.


3. Introduces current or potential clients to your company
There’s no more personal touch than introducing your clients or prospective accounts to a new hire with a written letter to them individually and headshot taken by a photographer in Dallas, Texas. This breaks the ice and lets them know exactly who they’ll be working with for their business objectives.

Don’t forget – when setting up your group business headshots, make sure to let each person know when they’ll be shooting and what to wear. The devil is in the details. Feel free to call or book online.

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  1. Bob Leverone

    Really nice blog above with some short and sweet reasons to get your new hires a nice, professional headshot. I am a photyographer in Charlotte, NC trying to get some of the same clients and wondered if you had a blog or posting about “WHAT TO WEAR. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS” Great stuff. Thanks for the blog. Bob L.


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