New year, new headshots: An interview with Brandt Roessler

new year new headshots


I love my clients. I go out of my way to build and nurture relationships to the best of my ability. When one of my clients achieves success from an executive portrait session, it’s the best part of my job. It’s what makes my job worthwhile. So this week, continuing my interview series, I sat down with Brandt Roessler and asked him about his recent career success as well as what’s next for the future lawyer.

What prompted you to get new headshots?
Brandt: “I got an internship with a law firm in New York City and each of the interns were required to submit portraits for the company directory. Instead of submitting an amateur photograph—one more appropriate for social media than a corporate directory—I turned to Beau for professional executive portraits.”

Why are headshots important in your industry?
Brandt: “The basic role of a lawyer is to represent his or her client. It’s very important that the client is well-represented in the courtroom and during transactional negotiations. Naturally, appearance is also a factor considered by the client. When choosing a lawyer, the client wants to know that the lawyer both looks and acts professionally. Headshots are the primary way potential clients can see the “face” of the law firm.”

How have executive portraits helped you?
Brandt: “In addition to using the executive portraits from Beau in my internship’s corporate directory, I’ve also used them for my LinkedIn and other social media. The executive portraits helped me maintain professionalism during the internship and, in the end, paved the way for me getting a permanent job offer with the firm.”

What’s next for you in 2016?
Brandt: “I will graduate law school in May 2016 and move to New York City to soon begin work at the law firm where I interned in 2015. When it’s time to update my corporate directory profile from “intern” to “associate,” I’ll turn to Beau to make sure my headshots are updated as well.”

For more on Brandt, visit Roessler2020.

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