Preparing for an Executive Portrait: Three Posing Tips

There is perhaps no photo more important—at least, not professionally—than your executive headshot. This photograph acts as your first impression, to potential employers as well as future clients and business partners.

Your headshot should portray a natural sense of professionalism, hard work, and determination; a lot of that being conveyed through your pose.

Your eyes say it all

When we look at a photograph of someone, we often don’t realize that the first thing we look at is their eyes. The eyes are what offer the window into your personality. Since your headshot will be just a still photo, your eyes will be responsible for communicating and engaging with your viewer.

Stand up straight

We all remember our childhood, with our parents asking us over and over again to maintain good posture.

Well, they might’ve been onto something!

If you appear slouchy in your stance, then it may tell the viewer you are low on confidence or even lazy. So, try to keep your back straight, with your chin out towards the camera.

What should you do with your hands?

Have you ever looked at a photograph after and asked, “what was I doing with my hands?” Not to worry, it happens to us all when we’re standing in front of a camera and become hyperaware of our extremities. Suddenly, your arms are contorted around your body, trying their best to “be natural.”

So, to evade that situation during your executive portrait, keep your hands relaxed. Most often, if you are sitting, you can simply put them on your lap, or if there is a desk, utilize the platform in front of you!

With these tips in mind, you’re ready for your close-up! However, at Beau Bumpas Photography, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help showcase who you are as a professional in your industry through your headshot. Call us at 214-394-1384 today to learn more about an executive portrait session with us!

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