Spring Cleaning with Plastic Surgery of Texas

If you know me and my industry, you know I appreciate vanity. As a corporate and executive headshot photographer in Dallas, I can honestly tell you I’ve seen the spectrum: everything from oversized lips and frozen foreheads to drooping eyes and deep-set frown lines. Everything, and I mean everything, has stepped foot into my Dallas photo studio. That’s why I, along with most of Dallas, go to see Dr. Ben Tittle at Plastic Surgery of Texas. Not only is he rated one of the Best Doctors in Texas by Texas Monthly, he’s injected, snipped, sucked, tucked, and enhanced my own friends. His work is the best I’ve ever seen, and that’s why this week we’re talking about Spring Cleaning with Plastic Surgery of Texas.

I don’t mean to sound too shallow, but it must be said: succeeding in business is contingent on your skill set and your appearance. A man or woman may have the most extensive resume imaginable, but if they can’t present themselves as the face of a company, they might not get the gig. Time and time again, people will come by my Dallas studio for executive headshots for their new position and some will have just had their procedures done or are still considering stopping by Plastic Surgery of Texas. It’s vital for people who have face-to-face interaction with clients or coworkers to clean up their look periodically, and Dr. Tittle’s quick and painless procedures are perfect for anyone looking to do some light touch-ups.

Dr. Tittle’s work has even grabbed the attention of Lynlee Poston, the writer behind the Gal About Town blog. Lynlee herself just had a little injectable fun and her before-and-after pictures are amazing. Lynlee didn’t need anything extensive, but Dr. Tittle performed a few simple injections and turned the clock back 10 years on her appearance.

I’m very honest about the fact that I see Dr. Tittle for Botox, Dysport, and Restalyne on a regular basis. In my industry, as well as his, and basically every other business, a person’s appearance is crucial to their success. I wouldn’t trust anyone but the team at Plastic Surgery of Texas to take care of me or my clients.

Before your next corporate photography session, stop by Dr. Tittle’s Dallas office for a consult and book your headshot with me. We’ll make sure you look incredible.

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