Steps for Better Product Photography

product photography

For brands and businesses with products to promote, the quality of their photographs is key to a successful promotional campaign. Cameras have a way of underexposing images particularly when they are placed on a light or white background. The best way to achieve clear and vivid images is to utilize your manual exposure settings and adjust your shutter speed.

There are photography methods that professionals use to capture products in the clearest way possible. If a potential customer or client views a brand’s product page and the items are dark or fuzzy, it gives the appearance of a less than professional service or mediocre product line.

By following the tips below, you can create product photography that stands out above your competition.

Know How to Focus Your Camera

Before beginning to take product photos, make sure you know how your camera works. Before beginning to take any photos, become familiar with all of your camera’s settings and learn how to focus your camera. It is a waste of precious time to take unappealing photos that appear amateurish that you will have to spend time editing.

When Taking Close Ups Use the Aperture Priority Mode

When taking product photos you will want the largest area of your product in the camera’s focus. Set your camera’s aperture priority mode to its highest setting. When you are capturing close ups of your products, the aperture mode setting becomes highly important when it comes to taking a clear, quality photograph.

Utilize Your Tripod

One of the most important things to remember when taking product photos is the use of a tripod. A tripod holds your subject perfectly still so that the camera can capture a true representation of the product. Without a tripod, any slight movement of an object will result in a less than stellar photo.

Use Your Camera’s Flash Sparingly and Use Natural Lighting As Much As Possible

Your camera’s flash will rarely give you the type of lighting you need when taking close up product photos. For most product photos, the use of natural lighting will result in a clearer, more detailed picture. When possible take photos outdoors in natural light. Overcast days are perfect for taking product photos. If taking your pictures outside is not doable, get yourself a photo tent for indoors. A photo tent is the next best thing to capturing a product in natural lighting.

Edit Your Photos with Software

Technology has provided us with many ways to create the perfect photograph. Once your product photos are taken, use editing software to make your photos clear and professional looking. There is plenty of photo editing software online that will offer you the choice of various tints, backgrounds, and special effects, to make your product photos look like art.

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