Tips for Choosing a Modeling Agency

modeling agenciesWhen you are looking to get into modeling, it is so important that you find and agency that you trust, can work with, and can deliver you quality work. But how do you do that when there are so many choices? Here are some tips to help you out with that.


If you have narrowed down your list, go over each agreement for each company carefully. A lawyer might be helpful here because the language can be confusing at times, and you do not want any surprises later.


Do any agencies need a payment up front? A professional modeling agency will make an investment in you, not the other way around. They will take care of the photos, portfolio, traveling and styling.


Compare agencies to see what the payment options are like. Some will offer models more than others, and some will even offer an advance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in May of 2010, the average hourly wage for a model was $20.46. However, some top models make far more than that. Do your research to get the best offer!


Make sure you check to see if the modeling agency is listed with the Better Business Bureau. They will keep grades for members and this can help you make your decision. It is a guideline though, so it doesn’t have to make your decision for you. If they are not a member or have negative reports, just keep this in mind while making our decision.


Ask for a list of past and current models that have worked for the agency. See where they are now and how much the agency has helped them to gage what kind of assistance you might receive, as well. Some agencies will have high profile models whereas others will not.


Some agencies will offer training and guidance for new models- see if the agency you’re considering will. Having the proper skills is what will help you land better modeling jobs.


These things are going to play crucial roles in your job as a model- so make sure you’re armed with knowledge before you find yourself with an agency that just isn’t right for you.

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