What Color Should You Wear in Your Corporate Headshot?

Corporate headshots are essential for today’s modern professional, whether you’re networking, job hunting or projecting a polished image on your website.

When preparing for yours, every detail matters—remember, it’s your chance to make a good first impression.

As professional photographers, one question we often get from our clients is: “What color should I wear in my corporate headshot?”

Here are our suggestions:

Wearing black

Black business attire communicates an image of sophistication and power.

If you’re the boss (or want to be), it’s a great choice.

Neutrals with pops of color

headshot of an older man wearing blue and whiteA great way to convey some personality in your headshot is to incorporate neutrals into your look with pops of bright color. Oatmeal, gray and tan are great neutral colors, and you can add a blue or green sweater for contrast.

Choose colors that complement your skin tone!

Deep, rich colors

Burgundy and forest green tend to look good on camera. They also have powerful connotations in the business world. Burgundy signifies authority and confidence, whereas green is calming and reassuring.

One popular color that often doesn’t work as well is white.

The reason? It can project an image of coldness, and it can overexpose on camera and distract from your face. That said, if white is your go-to color, an experienced professional photographer can figure out the perfect lighting to make it work!

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