What NOT to Do With Your Headshot or LinkedIn Profile


Whether its getting your picture taken professionally or just choosing a picture for your LinkedIn, there are a lot of ways that a picture could go wrong and give potential employers the wrong idea.

Here are some ways that your epic-headshots can turn into an epic-failure:

  • Blurry Pictures: No matter what the situation, it just spells amateur.
  • Bad Lighting: Shadows may do well to make some people look mysterious… but this is neither the time nor the place.
  • Tacky Backgrounds: Hellooooooooooo 1980’s!
  • Odd Things Taking Place in the Background: …is that seriously someone doing a shot in the background?
  • Anything That Resembles Facebook Trends: This includes cropping out your friend, holding your chi-poo, or your baby. Some other no-no’s include: messy backgrounds, significant others, and selfies.
  • The “I’m Clearly Drunk” Photo: No further explanation needed.
  • The Action Shot: That picture of you conquering an oversized rock isn’t going to speak well for your risk-taking.
  • The Cubicle Action Shot: We all have phones in our cubicles; so unfortunately working the landline isn’t bound to impress many people.
  • Iffy Black and White: As a disclaimer, it should be said that these can work well for you- if done right. But if you’re using your 1-megapixel camera from 2004, then you probably won’t get it to come out the way you saw it in your mind.
  • The Dwight Schrute Look: You’re allowed to smile in business pictures and relax! Don’t be such a stiff that you tell everyone in one look that you’re that guy that no one wants to talk to!
  • I’m Kind of a Big Deal: Keep the events and talks for your resume- it can rub people the wrong way when they see that podium (made of rich mahogany) in the picture.
  • Group Pictures: This is definitely out as a headshot option, but people should know who they are looking for when they see your LinedIn, as well.
  • The Over-Glamour Shot: Yes, you want to look nice- no doubt! But you certainly have the ability to over do it, as well.

Even if you don’t have a professional headshot yet, these lifesaving tips will help you help you get ahead in the business world with just a glance!

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