AI Generated Photography is Here, But It’s Not Real Photography

As artificial intelligence makes its presence known these days, there has been plenty of talk around the photography world about how this will affect art moving forward. It can be a delicate subject because there are many mixed feelings on the matter. For one thing, we know that ai photography isn’t REAL, even though it may like quite real to the civilian eye.

Supporting Real Photographers vs Artificial Intelligence

We’re going to be seeing more artificial intelligence integrated into our daily lives in years to come. Many industries will turn to artificial intelligence to get tasks and certain jobs done for their business. This is a frightening idea for many people who’ve held down a job for years. The thought may be that ai is going for their job.

In art, and especially photography, there is a little worry among the community because the photography is so personal and artistic to the creator.

How Can We Stick to the Status-Quo?

As a customer, client, or person trying to hire a photographer for their services, you must think of the big picture. Ai does not have personal touch, life experience, relationships with clients, etc. Supporting someone’s livelihood is extremely important. As we start to recognize that artificial intelligence will have a major role in our daily lives, we need to keep in mind that some freelance and small businesses will need our support.

Photography Services from a Professional vs. AI

When it comes to executive portraits, headshots, wedding photos, etc., AI can’t be the solution. We may see marketing businesses and other corporations use ai for different photo work, but when the specifics come into play, a professional photographer will be the most consistent when it comes to the product they deliver.

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