Everyone’s a Photographer

This era of advanced technology has brought the world some amazing inventions and materials, but some things have caused problems with people. One being this idea that everyone is a photographer. With almost everyone carrying a cell phone that takes incredible photos and an Instagram account, we’re seeing more and more people calling themselves photographers.

 Is this a bad thing? Not quite. It’s actually pretty cool to see the access we have to technology, art, and education in the field. But some people think they have a better understanding of the art than some who may have had formal education or decades of experience. Let’s try and clear the air for some people.

Technology is Helping us Weed out Mediocrity

The advancement of technology with Digital Photography has become so incredible that it’s tough to wrap our heads around. The encouragement of photography is great for our world because it gets people out documenting stories and creative ideas.

The problem with people calling themselves “photographers” when they only have experience using their cellphone to take a selfie causes plenty of issues.  For example, if a small business is looking to get some photos taken for their company, they may go a cheaper route and hire a cellphone photographer. This is rolling the dice.

Why Go with a Professional?

A professional like Beau Bumpas can give you professional executive portraits and headshots that will look good for your business whatever the size of the company. We don’t want to discourage anyone from dabbling in photography. Photography is a great hobby or profession to explore your artistic thoughts and ideas. If you’re an aspiring photographer, study techniques and talk to professional photographers for advice and tips on becoming better!

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