How Photographers are Working Through COVID-19

COVID-19 Pandemic has sidelined many photographers in their work. Photographers around the country have had to find different ways to continue working, whether it be paid or for free. Many states have deemed photography work non-essential leaving freelancers unable to go out and obtain clients and make money.

This is when photography turns to journalism and storytelling. We hear the stories of photographers going out and documenting the times during COVID-19, and of course now the protests for George Floyd.

Life During Quarantine

One great thing for photographers who’ve been struggling to find work have found an outlet. A project started by photographers Hannah Yoon and Charlotte Schmitz has brought together a collaborative of 400 photographers worldwide documenting life during quarantine. “The Journal has become a system of support and motivation for hundreds of photographers scattered across the globe who are losing income, are isolated…”

No matter what career you’re in, many of us are losing income doing what we do. Not everyone has the opportunity to be deemed essential business, which means for those who are still working, we need to band together to help those in need.

How Can We Help Photographers?

Whether you’re in a state that has opened fully or not, our duty is to support those with careers that are taking a major hit. Beau Bumpas Photography provides corporate headshots and executive portraits in Dallas, Texas. Many of us need to understand the importance of headshots, whether you’re going into the entertainment business or corporate workforce, a headshot will enhance your professionalism and first impression.

We encourage everyone that if you have the time and funds to improve your resume and portfolio, go support a local photographer like Beau Bumpas, and also get a step ahead in your job search. Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today!

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