How to Choose a Professional Photographer

It’s not a sure thing when researching professional photographers to hire. Whether you’re looking for corporate & executive headshots, commercial portraits, wedding photos, or any other type of photoshoot, choosing the right professional photographer is extremely important. When choosing the right photographer to hire, you’ll have to make sure a few things are in order with whom you come across that you’re interested in hiring.

Here are 3 Things to look out for when choosing your professional photographer:

Photography Portfolio

This is crucial to choosing the perfect photographer for your shoot. Make sure that the professional photographer you choose has a strong photography website or portfolio that you can look through to make sure they can bring to the table everything you need for your shoot. Not only do they need a strong collection, but they also should have specific photos to backup certain categories.

If you’re looking to get your executive headshot taken, be sure they have examples under that style to show you. Don’t waste your time with a photographer who claims they can conduct those shoots without having anything to display for you.

Professional Experience

Professional experience is a good thing to look for during your search because it gives them credentials that others may not have. If they have a “photography resume” to show you, then their credibility will increase. Along with experience, you’ll want to know a little bit about them from personal standpoint.

So many photographers don’t reveal an about page or a personal photo of themselves on their website. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does definitely help to be able to read a little bit about the photographer and see a photo of them.  In any field, people enjoy getting to know the person they are hiring or going to work with because if trust is built, then the professional relationship will be great.

Equipment and Process

We live in a world where everyone and their mother has a camera. Many people claim to be a professional photographer using only a smart phone camera. This is not a professional photographer. Smart phone cameras have come a long way with quality of photos and techniques, but usually someone claiming to be a pro just using a phone camera most likely does not know the mechanics and technicality of professional photography. Choose a photographer with the right professional camera and equipment.

Another thing to think about is the process that goes into the photographer’s shoot. You’ll want to choose a professional photographer that has an organized and detailed process, so that the shoot will run smoothly. A photographer that also can make you feel comfortable during a shoot is very important as well. You never want to be tense or stressed out during a photoshoot.

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