INDURing and Thriving: Brandt Beal

My experience has been that passion is key to success. I started shooting executive portraits and commercial photography because I’m obsessed with business and watching companies grow. I’ve recently profiled other moguls in the DFW area like Daniel Eng and Dr. Ben Tittle, but my latest session had an extra-inspiring tone because of the backstory. This week’s blog is about INDURing and Thriving: Brandt Beal.

Before getting into the healthcare industry, Brandt was part of a consulting firm that specialized in the oil and gas industry. Risk, compliance, finance, HR – whatever you needed, Brandt was your man.

What propelled Beal to start INDUR was really simple – he felt “skinny fat” and out of control of his own health. After years of feeling like he wasn’t in control of his body, he prioritized his health and sought medical opinion. First he had lab tests performed that weren’t covered by insurance, and the doctor simply just told him he wasn’t dying but had no insight. Brandt performed his own research, bounced through many providers, and finally found that there were a number of issues. He was insulin-resistant, had sex hormone imbalances, and his cortisol was through the roof.

“I was a mess. Once I started changing that, I felt like a new person.”

Accessing that information to change his own life inspired him to start INDUR and, in turn, inspired him to help others. Now Brandt has a successful healthcare organization with a nationwide network of providers. He’s received recognition locally and nationally for his incredible approach to helping others stay on top of their own health.

Here’s a brief step-by-step process of the INDUR experience:

  1. Blood test: This first step is extremely important because all factors are direct reflections of what’s going on internally. Think of an individual who is chronically challenged by weight loss – once we diagnose the biomarkers and implications, we can make recommendations based on the findings.
  2. Analytical AI system: custom-created to compare results against hundreds of thousands of results to find similarities.
  3. Once the test results come in, the system prioritizes specific individual recommendations to create a customized road map. Telemedicine is also provided if needed. INDUR only uses functional medicine providers, starting with supplements and natural remedies first – only recommending pharmaceuticals if necessary.
  4. Follow up based on day-marker goals to dial in advanced solutions or track progress. Full-panel check-up every six months.

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