Why Choose a Professional Over an “Instagram Photographer?”

Instagram has been a very beneficial social media platform for photographers to gain followers and display their work. However, it has become overly saturated with people calling themselves professionals simply because they have access to a few flattering filters.  This can cause issues when looking for a true professional for your executive portraits or head shots.

A Professional is Worth It

This is not to talk less of amateur photographers trying to work on their craft or get clients. Professional photographers had to start out somewhere, too, and we applaud anyone trying to better their craft. But when choosing a professional over an “Instagram Photographer,” it is always worth it to go with the experienced and the established. With professional photographers your business is their livelihood, and they will dedicate their time and effort to make your portraits the best you can get. 

Experience Is What Matters

The amount of years a professional photographer has spent behind the lens should be a big factor when considering a photographer for your executive portraits . Photography is a craft you should continue to grow and learn more about every single day, but if a photographer has been practicing for years and has an extensive portfolio to show, it will undoubtedly make you feel more comfortable working with them.  You want the best of the best for your company or business, so it is wise to choose the best. 

What to look for

You’ll notice a big difference in quality when you choose to go with a professional over an aspiring photographer. 

Here is a quick list of things to look for when choosing a professional corporate photographer, such as Beau Bumpas Photography:

  • Number of years photographing
  • Resume and corporate headshot portfolio
  • Level of passion

Keeping these things on your radar will make choosing the right photographer much easier and the experience much more enjoyable.

Tips for aspiring photographers

Try to build up your resume with confidence and professionalism by creating a plan for your work.  If you know the art of photography well, then your professionalism will show when trying to get clients. Another thing to do is to keep educating yourself in photography. We are always learning new ideas and seeing things we haven’t come across in the past, which is why it is always good to learn from others and research technique.  These tips will help you become a better professional in the long-run. 

A professional photographer, such as Beau Bumpas Photography, can help you get the best executive portraits and corporate head shots you need to present yourself in a manner that inspires confidence and utmost professionalism.

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