Why Choose an Individual Photographer Over a Company?

Freelance and contract photographers around the world dedicate their life and time to delivering the best work possible. There are plenty of photography companies out there that conduct the same business from weddings to portraits, but what makes an individual photographer the better choice?

Well, we’re here to explain why supporting an individual photographer over a company is the better one. Getting your commercial photographs, wedding photos, corporate headshots, and business portraits done can be stressful, but Beau Bumpas is here to help!

Individual Photographers Take Responsibility

When hiring a photographer for a wedding, an event, headshots, portraits, or business portraits, you have to be able to trust your choice of choosing a professional. An individual photographer has dedicated their career to this work, which means they have to answer to the customer. Freelance photographers working for themselves have to answer to the customer, which is why their work is commonly some of the best you can find.

When you choose to hire a photographer company with several photographers contracted out by them, you are sometimes rolling the dice. You never know who you may get, and it could leave you with not-so-great results.

Individual Photographers are Building a Portfolio

For individuals, a strong portfolio is everything. No matter the situation, a solo photographer is going to give you their best work possible because they need to build and improve their portfolio. They may have big dreams in the future, and mediocre work is not going to help them climb that mountain to the top.

We’re Not Saying Photography Companies are Bad

We don’t want to discourage your choice of choosing a photography company. There are plenty of companies out in the world that deliver stellar photos, but if you’re looking to support someone dedicating everything they have to their career, choosing an individual contract photographer is the way to go. Supporting local and small businesses helps to boost the economy, and it also helps individuals make a good living for themselves.

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