Why the Fall Season is Perfect for Getting Your Portraits Done

There are plenty of reasons why the Fall season is one of the most photogenic seasons in the year. Many parts of the country have beautiful fall seasons, and believe it or not, Texas has some beautiful scenery to offer during this season. Portrait photography and model photography can be extremely beneficial to get done during the Fall season.

Here are some reasons why you should get your portraits or headshots taken this time of the year.

Fall Foliage Creates for Beautiful Colors and Lighting

The leaves are changing during this time of the year, which means outdoor photo sessions for portraits, headshots, and model photography can be used to your advantage. Sure, photo studio sessions work well all year-round, but when you have the ability to stand under a beautiful orange and yellow tree with the sun shining through, why wouldn’t you go that route.

Your Wardrobe is Flexible

As the temperatures start to drop a little during October and November here in Texas, we start to see our wardrobes change. We put on longer shirts, warmer pants, jackets, sweaters, etc. Our wardrobe naturally gets more flexible because the temperatures aren’t as hot in the Fall compared to the Summer. For getting your photos taken, you can be flexible with your outfits. You can have multiple looks for different types of photo sessions.

Sunsets are Earlier in the Evening

Sunsets in the Summer are later in the evening, so portrait photography sessions that are held at sunsets have to be later on. In the Fall, we can count on sunsets to be earlier around 7pm or earlier as you get deeper into the season. This helps with the subject and photographer’s schedule.

At Beau Bumpas Photography, you can count on getting high-quality photography done for your entertainment or professional portfolio. With several years of experience in portrait photography, don’t hesitate to reach out to Beau for professional headshots.

If you’re looking to get your photos taken during the Fall season, contact Beau Bumpas Photography at (214) 394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!

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