Importance of Commercial Photography for Your Business

Commercial Photography is a type of photography that can help a variety of businesses out for marketing, advertising, and getting your brand name out there into the world. Commercial photography can include products, fashion, advertising campaigns, and much more. Having a professional photographer deliver creative and unique commercial photo services can help your business establish itself in the market.

Here are 3 major benefits of commercial photography.

1 – Increasing Brand Awareness

Commercial photography and creative photographs can make a long-lasting impression on existing clients/customers, as well as attract new clients or customers to your company. Images speak a thousand words and having commercial photography services done for your company can make a real impact for your brand awareness.

2 – Boosting Sales & ROI

When it comes to commercial photography, especially capturing the new release of products, fashion, and services, having professional and creative photos taken of these items can attract your target audience to purchase your products. As product photography is a form of commercial photography, you’ll want to ensure your products are advertised well. This advertising can boost your sales and return on investment.

3 – Look More Professional

Last but not least, having commercial photography done for your business can provide you with a more professional look. Whether you’re having commercial portraits, product photography, or fashion photography done, the professional look will give you an advantage over your competition.

Choosing the Right Photographer

With over 20 years of experience shooting photography, as well as working in advertising and production, Beau Bumpas Photography can provide you with high-quality and creative commercial photography services for your business. Having a professional photographer like Beau help your business out is important because of the wide range of expertise in advertising and photography.

If you want to make your business or ad campaign stand out from the competition, contact Beau Bumpas Photography at (214) 394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!

The Benefits of Executive Headshots for Small Businesses

Owning a small business comes with great responsibility. One of the most important aspects is marketing and branding. As someone who is always looking to get their name out there, it’s important that your image is professional and attractive. Bringing brand awareness to your audience and potential customers can be tricky, but there are simple tasks you can do to make sure your business continues to grow and improve.

One of these simple tasks is to introduce yourself and your company to the public. Executive headshots can play a major role in showing the faces behind the work. You want your customers and clients to relate to your company at a human level and doing this will allow them to.

What are Executive Headshots?

Executive headshots are a form of portrait photography that highlights professionals. A headshot can be used for various things in the workforce field. When you own a small business, executive headshots can help your business out in many ways. You also can use executive headshots for your personal CV and portfolio if you’re an entrepreneur, actor, artist, etc.

Here are the benefits:

  • Boost Your Employee Image
  • More Professional Look
  • Update Your Profile Photo
  • Showcase Your Workers & Personality

The Worry of a Recession

For businesses all around, there is a major worry of an economic recession soon. There is a high probability that it can happen soon, and many businesses and individuals are concerned, as they should be. One thing that you can do for your business or is to continue to keep marketing and advertising yourself or company. If you need to start a side hustle, make it happen, so that you can offset some other expenses that may be coming to you soon.

Executive headshots can help with your advertising and marketing needs for your business. It’s important to find any way to boost your image, especially in times where it is extremely valuable. This can pay off in the long run.

Work with a Professional Photographer

One of the biggest mistakes businesses or individuals make is taking headshots themselves or deciding to invest in cheaper photoshoots. Working with a professional photographer like Beau Bumpas Photography can help you portray yourself in a beautiful and professional light.

How Can Beau Bumpas Help?

We work with everyone to get to know them and their personality before getting into taking photos. We want to make sure that each photograph and executive headshot portrays that individual or group with their personality and professionalism.

If you’re looking to update your employees’ headshots or your individual headshots, we’re here to help. Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at (214) 394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!

Getting Your Portrait Done this Summer? Here are Some Tips

Getting your portrait photos done in the summer can be tricky, especially here in Texas. The temperature can get into the 90’s, which for some, can be uncomfortable. Having the ability to use the elements of sunsets, sunrises, and golden hours for your portrait setting is very encouraging, but you’ll have to prepare for the heat and what to wear to your photo session.

Here are some portrait photo tips for professionals, artists, and more looking to get their photos taken in the summer in Texas:

Utilize the Indoors for Your Headshots

When it comes to executive portraits and headshots, it’s not a bad idea to utilize your workspace and office. You don’t need to get outside and pick the perfect sunset setting for these types of portraits because it might not be relevant. Pick areas at your business, workspace, or office to portray your professional self.

Get Creative! You’re an Artist

As an artist such as an actor, musician, or another type of artist, you also don’t have to take your portraits outside. You can utilize the photographer’s studio, your own artistic space, or another indoor venue to portray yourself in a beautiful way.

If you do decide that the outdoor setting is right for your headshots and portrait photos, make sure to follow some of these tips to make the summer heat bearable for your photo session.

  • Wear comfortable and light clothing
  • Bring enough water
  • Bring an outfit change if it gets too hot
  • Pick Golden hour and sunset times for cooler temps
  • Trust in your professional photographer

Why Choose to Get Professional Portraits Taken

It can be frightening to have your portrait taken by a professional photographer. Some of us have only experience our portrait or headshot being taken a long time ago in school. When you’re a professional, artist, model, or small business owner, getting your portrait photos taken can be very beneficial to your success and career.

If you’re looking to revamp your headshots and get your portraits taken, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at (214) 394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!


How Often Should You Get Your Portraits Taken?

Portrait Photography has been around for many years, and it has been used by professional photographers in several different ways. Portrait photography is the act of taking one’s photo in a specific setting and in a specific pose. Unlike candid photography, portrait photography is staged in a particular setting to portray the subject in a positive light for the most part.

Many people ask the question of how often should you get your portraits taken by a professional photographer? Well, there are several different answers for this depending on what you’re using the portraits for.

Family & Individual Portraits

For your own personal use, it’s not necessary to get your portraits taken every single year, but in some cases it could be beneficial. Many families enjoy sending out Holiday cards every year. Having a professional photographer take these will be better off for the quality of the photos.

Headshots for Entertainment Careers

In the professional entertainment world, having your headshots done and portraits taken is very beneficial for enhancing your career as a musician, actor/actress, artist, etc. It’s important to update these once a year, so you can go into auditions prepared. Even having your portraits taken more often than once a year can help with your digital presence.

Executive Portraits

In the business world, it’s important to have professional portraits taken of your whole staff and company every single year. This can show the growth of your business in a professional setting. If you have new employees hired during the year, you can have individual portraits done when that happens. Staying up to date with your executive portraits will allow clients and customers to get a glimpse of the personnel behind the company.

Why Choose a Professional Photographer for Portraits?

A professional photographer like Beau Bumpas Photography will deliver the highest quality portraits for whatever reason you need them for. For whichever industry you’re in, professional headshots and portraits can go a long way in creating beautiful memories of your family or enhancing your career.

If you’re in need of updating your executive portraits or career headshots, contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!

The Importance of Supporting Small Business Photographers

We’ve seen small businesses suffer greatly due to the events of the past couple of years. Owning a small business takes hard work and determination. Photographers are small business owners. Many photographers are freelancers, which means they get paid by the job. They aren’t dependent on a salary or an hourly wage set by their employers. They employ themselves. This industry can be very tough and stressful, but it is also a very rewarding one.

For those who aren’t freelance photographers, this is something to take note of, especially when looking to hire a photographer. Knowing the amount of time and work a photographer puts into a job is very important because it is their livelihood. Supporting photographers is extremely important.

Photographers are Working for Themselves

When deciding to hire a photographer for any particular reason, you’re deciding to help out a small business. We live in a society where starting a small business takes guts because they don’t always work out. We also live in a society where online shopping and spending your money on big businesses is the norm.

Photographers work for themselves. They don’t report to a manager or a supervisor, so it gives them another challenge to defeat. They do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the actual photography, business, e-commerce, sales, etc.

The Benefits of Supporting Photographers:

  • Helping a small business
  • Spending your money locally
  • Supporting someone’s livelihood
  • Helping build their portfolio
  • Giving them free advertising

How Can You Support Freelance Photographers?

The answer is pretty simple, which is just to hire a photographer. This is the best way you can support a photographer. They receive work to do for you whether that is an event, portrait shoot, executive headshots, weddings, or other photo services.

Another way to support freelance photographers is to share their work that they have done for you by spreading it via word of mouth, online/social media, and more. If you’re looking to support a local photographer, don’t hesitate to contact Beau Bumpas Photography.

Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today or visit us online for more information about the photo services we offer.

The Perfect Setting & Backdrop for Your Portraits

There really is no perfect setting and atmosphere to choose where you portraits will be done. Fortunately, the professional photographer your hire will have the best knowledge on where and when to shoot, but they will also be able to work with you in order to get the most comfortable setting picked for you.

At Beau Bumpas Photography, Beau has a great deal of knowledge and experience shooting professional portraits. The most important thing for you to remember if you’re looking to get your portraits done is to have trust in your photographer.

There are no perfect settings and backdrops, but here are some ones that can be done:

Portraits Outdoors for Natural Light

Outdoor portraits are very popular because of the ability to use natural light around the subject. This style creates a very soft and natural look, which most people enjoy. It can also highlight beautiful features on a person’s face.

Indoor Studio Portraits

Indoor portraits are necessary for certain situations. You can have a little more creative freedom with post-production editing if you’re getting into modeling shoots. For corporate and executive headshots, indoor studio photoshoots for portraits can be very beneficial. Besides capturing the subject, you’re also highlighting their environment that they work in.

Why It’s Important to Work with Your Photographer

At Beau Bumpas Photography, Beau has been an experienced photographer with an extensive portfolio of portrait photography. Beau will ensure that the atmosphere and setting of your executive portraits, corporate headshots, or modeling photos are perfect for the situation. As a photographer, Beau will also work with you to make sure you’re comfortable with the surroundings and photo results.

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture you in your elements for either entertainment purposes, or executive purposes, contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!  


What to Look for When Choosing a Photographer

When you’re deciding on a photographer for either wedding photography, corporate headshots, or executive portraits, it can be difficult to find the right one. Many people want the end result to be perfect for what they’re looking for in photographs, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. There are many times when people choose a photographer that they’re unhappy with in the end. This is something that can be avoided with a little more research and communication with photographers you’re choosing from.

Here are some things to look out for:

First and foremost, the photographer you choose should have a decent photography portfolio consisting of photographs that are related to what services you need. Having photos to look at to see if you like them is extremely important.

Here are some other things to check off the list:

  • Professional Experience
  • Extensive Portfolio
  • Trust in their Work
  • Relatable & Communicative
  • Ability to work together
  • Comfortability

Choosing the right photographer is important because you want to make sure the photographs turn out the way you want them to. If you’re going for headshots and portraits, it is easier to find a photographer to work with. When it comes to weddings, you have to be a little more cautious on who you select.

Beau Bumpas Photography

One thing you don’t have to worry about with Beau Bumpas Photography is the lack of quality and experience. You can be at peace knowing Beau Bumpas will work with you on your portraits and headshots to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the results.

If you’re looking for the proper photographer, don’t hesitate to reach out to Beau Bumpas Photography. Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!


Don’t Stress Over Photo Editing When Having Your Portrait Taken

Getting your professional portrait photos taken by a photographer sometimes can be stressful. Going into it, you want to make sure you’re on the same page as the photographer. With a professional photographer such as Beau Bumpas Photography, you shouldn’t have to worry so much about how they’ll turn out. As an experienced professional, Beau Bumpas will work with you to ensure comfortability for your headshots and portraits during the shoot and after.

Many People Believe They Should Edit Their Photos

With the abundance of social media and confidence people have in taking their own photographs, the art is sometimes lost within this day and age. Because there is so much saturation when it comes to photography, everyone thinks they’re a professional with knowledgeable editing skills. Now, this may be the case with some people if they take photos for a living, but they want their own portraits done by someone else.

For the most part, people don’t usually have the knowledge to take and edit their own photos. You can take a bad photo and over-edit it, but it will still be a bad photo. This is why it’s very important to build the trust with a professional like Beau Bumpas.

Don’t Discredit an Artistic Photographer

We’re living in a social media world where everyone has to share their opinions. With photography, this can sometimes lead to hostility and judgement towards photographers who are actually making a living off of it. If you’re someone who is looking to get your photo portrait done, trust in the photographer. Their work talks for them. The results will be stunning if you let them take you through their process of photographing and editing.

The Benefits of Choosing a Professional Photographer:

As the client getting our portraits done, it’s essential to choose to go with a professional photographer. For one, it’s a tough business. Making a living off of photography can be difficult for many photographers. You’ll be extremely happy with the results! At Beau Bumpas Photography, you’ll have the opportunity to get headshots, executive portraits, and model photography done for yourself.

Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!

How to Relax During Your Portrait Photoshoot

Portraits are a great way to portray yourself in the best of light. Working with a professional photographer is the easiest way to show the world of your beauty. A single photograph also tells a story to an audience that is one of expression, emotion, vulnerability and professionalism in the proper setting.

Many who desire to get their headshots done or portraits done tend to get nervous or uncomfortable around the camera. Although, some are naturally relaxed. For those who aren’t comfortable, here are some easy ways to get into a relaxing setting before the shoot.

Easy Ways to Loosen-Up Before Getting Your Photos Taken

Every photographer, especially Beau Bumpas Photography wants to make sure you’re comfortable when the photo is being taken. The best way to get comfortable and relaxed is to not think of the camera as a live taping. The photographer will always work with you to make sure the photos come out perfectly for you.

Move Your Body Around

When you stay still, your knees tend to lock up. This isn’t good because you could faint if you stand still for too long. Your body locks up when you get nervous. If you want to loosen-up, move your body around and do some stretches. It may get your body moving enough, so you don’t get distracted.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

If the photoshoot is formal, then you may have to dress up for the shoot, but if it’s rather creative and casual, you might want to dress comfortably. If what you’re wearing is uncomfortable, then it probably won’t turn out to be a great photoshoot for yourself.

Why Choose Beau Bumpas Photography?

Beau Bumpas Photography specializes in corporate headshots, executive portraits model shoots, and wedding photography. We have worked with many talented people who look to us for professional photos. If you’re nervous about getting your photos taken, you don’t have to worry. Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!

The Beauty of Environmental Portraits

Portrait photography serves the purpose of capturing a person in a pose that creates a story for that person. Portraits can be very effective in many areas of professionalism for the person. When getting portraits done for yourself, you have the ability to choose the use for them, whether that would be for professional headshots, job applications, business portraits, school portraits, wedding portraits, and even environmental portraits.

Environmental portraits are a little different than regular headshots. An environmental portrait creates a story about the person that no other photo can. It serves the purpose to capture a person in their workspace and professional environment. There are plenty of benefits to environmental portraits for yourself.

Beau Bumpas Can Take Your Environmental Portraits

Beau Bumpas has been taking professional portraits for many years with an extensive and experienced resume. If you’re looking to get your portrait done, think about the creativity that should be involved. Many people want just regular business and professional portraits done for different reasons, but an environmental portrait might stand out more.

The Benefits of Environmental Portraits

There have been many famous photographers who’ve captured a person in their element. Many of these photographs have become famous images that many people recognize. Who knows, maybe one day your environmental portrait will be known around the world.

Here are some benefits to environmental portraits:

  • Capture Your True Working Element
  • Showcase your Studio/Workplace
  • Paint a Picture of Your Life
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Document Your Daily Life
  • Improve Your Resume/Headshots/Professional Look

Enhance Your Professional Look with Environmental Portraits

If you’re looking to get your portraits done, go with the experienced photographer like Beau Bumpas Photography. We have the ability to work with you in a creative way to ensure your portraits portray you in the best of way.

Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today or visit us online for more information!