Holly Barko: The Medicine Model

I’ve said this a million times: I love my clients. I have the incredible opportunity to photograph a diverse group of executives for professional headshots in Dallas, Texas. Everyone from Nance Ludowski and Ben Tittle at Plastic Surgery of Texas to Broadway producer and real-life “Mad Man” Terry Loftis have come by to have business headshots and group corporate headshots at my Deep Ellum studio. I’m fascinated by these interesting people who come by and love hearing about their lives, in the office and off the clock. I recently shot a woman living the real-life “Carrie Bradshaw fantasy,” Holly Barko: The Medicine Model.

I’ve known Holly for a few years and had a huge girl crush on her. Not only is she gorgeous and built like a real-life runway model, she’s also extremely successful and down to Earth. Holly did her residency at the prestigious Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, part of the Harvard Hospital and Medical School System. She’s since become an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist at a private practice in Dallas.

Barko is also in the process of launching her new blog and lifestyle site, ladolce-vita.blog, spotlighting all the ingredients to the “good life:” food, wine, travel, health, fitness, fashion. Holly’s first series will be on wine, and she’s traveling to France the last week of April to research in the wine regions of Reims, Burgundy, and Beaujolis.

I call Holly the “Medicine Model” because she as passionate about fashion as much as she is her career. I first shot Holly in beautiful Roberto Cavalli dresses in 2015, and heard all about her couture excursions. She regularly travels to Paris and Milan to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces in the middle of these world fashion capitals. “You can buy a couture dress there and know it’s unique because it was only sold there. Even the mom-and-pop private boutiques have incredible pieces that can be even more special than the Chanel in Paris. There’s only one of those boutique pieces, ever. I like supporting the small businesses, too.”

For more on Holly, stay tuned to La Dolce Vita, and to book your next executive portrait, contact me today!

Spring Cleaning with Plastic Surgery of Texas

If you know me and my industry, you know I appreciate vanity. As a corporate and executive headshot photographer in Dallas, I can honestly tell you I’ve seen the spectrum: everything from oversized lips and frozen foreheads to drooping eyes and deep-set frown lines. Everything, and I mean everything, has stepped foot into my Dallas photo studio. That’s why I, along with most of Dallas, go to see Dr. Ben Tittle at Plastic Surgery of Texas. Not only is he rated one of the Best Doctors in Texas by Texas Monthly, he’s injected, snipped, sucked, tucked, and enhanced my own friends. His work is the best I’ve ever seen, and that’s why this week we’re talking about Spring Cleaning with Plastic Surgery of Texas.

I don’t mean to sound too shallow, but it must be said: succeeding in business is contingent on your skill set and your appearance. A man or woman may have the most extensive resume imaginable, but if they can’t present themselves as the face of a company, they might not get the gig. Time and time again, people will come by my Dallas studio for executive headshots for their new position and some will have just had their procedures done or are still considering stopping by Plastic Surgery of Texas. It’s vital for people who have face-to-face interaction with clients or coworkers to clean up their look periodically, and Dr. Tittle’s quick and painless procedures are perfect for anyone looking to do some light touch-ups.

Dr. Tittle’s work has even grabbed the attention of Lynlee Poston, the writer behind the Gal About Town blog. Lynlee herself just had a little injectable fun and her before-and-after pictures are amazing. Lynlee didn’t need anything extensive, but Dr. Tittle performed a few simple injections and turned the clock back 10 years on her appearance.

I’m very honest about the fact that I see Dr. Tittle for Botox, Dysport, and Restalyne on a regular basis. In my industry, as well as his, and basically every other business, a person’s appearance is crucial to their success. I wouldn’t trust anyone but the team at Plastic Surgery of Texas to take care of me or my clients.

Before your next corporate photography session, stop by Dr. Tittle’s Dallas office for a consult and book your headshot with me. We’ll make sure you look incredible.

New Hires, New Headshots: setting your new employees up for success in 2017

Happy 2017 to all my corporate headshots and group photography clients in Dallas, Texas! I hope your year has started as busy as I have. With each new year brings a new list of business objectives, revenue goals, and new hires to make it all happen. This week, we’re focusing on how to set up the freshest members of your team for success best both in the boardroom and on the web!
1. Boosts sense of stock in company
Nothing makes a new hire feel more “a part of” at a company than receiving their own commercial business headshots and getting settled into their new Dallas, Texas company. Getting professional headshots may seem like a mundane, routine activity at many companies but it makes a person feel like their company appreciates them and sees their worth.


2. Boosts SEO when writing about new hires
Again, seeing a blog written about themselves makes your new hire feel like their company appreciates them, but it also benefits the company as a whole through SEO. Featuring a new piece of content with specific keywords related to your business, as well as highlighting your new hire’s strengths and experience, kills two birds with one stone.


3. Introduces current or potential clients to your company
There’s no more personal touch than introducing your clients or prospective accounts to a new hire with a written letter to them individually and headshot taken by a photographer in Dallas, Texas. This breaks the ice and lets them know exactly who they’ll be working with for their business objectives.

Don’t forget – when setting up your group business headshots, make sure to let each person know when they’ll be shooting and what to wear. The devil is in the details. Feel free to call or book online.

4 Photography Marketing Tips for 2017




Each year, my Dallas business headshot and commercial headshot clients take the month of December to strategize on making 2017 even more productive. Their respective companies know they need to market and hear the thousands of way to do so, but they don’t know which method will help them best. I may be a little biased, but I think group business headshots in Dallas is the simplest, most effective way to market your team and connect with your own vendors or clients. However, there are tons of ways you can speak to your audience effectively. Here are 4 photography marketing tips for 2017.

  • Group headshots
    This will always be the strongest and most effective marketing material in my opinion. If you’re a service provider or selling a product, prospective customers want to know who they’re going to be working with to meet their needs. There’s no stronger method to connect with people than to introduce yourself in a commercial photography shoot to your market. Putting a name to a face
    and company is personal, high-impact way to showcase your team and makes a connection.
  • Product or service photography
    If you have a team that prefers to work behind the scenes, another effective method is to showcase what you do or what you offer in a product or service photography. When prospective clients see for themselves what you offer, they’re more inclined to research further and submit an inquiry for your product or service. The devil is definitely in the details – if people know the intricacies
     of your product or service, they develop trust.
  • Team interview series
    Becoming a thought leader in your industry is key to long-term sustained success, so the next step to establishing your knowledge in your field is to create a team interview series where each member of your company describes what they do and why they do it. Elaborating on your success in an easy-to-understand, “thumb-stopping” format for social media will reach a huge number of people and help grow your audience.
  • Periodic updates and newsletters
    As a professional, you should make sure the conversation never stops between you and your audience. Maintaining that connection in easy formats like periodic email updates or newsletters makes that personal connection even stronger. You can let customers know when you have new team members join your organization, service or product updates, and seasonal offers come up.

When you or your company is ready to start your 2017 marketing initiatives, contact me for group headshot or commercial photography shoots. Group discounts are available for your team. Stay active in your marketing efforts and keep leading the conversation!

4 Must-Know Tips for Shooting Your First Fall Wedding


The State Fair of Texas is in town, the weather is (kind of) getting cooler, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in full effect at Starbucks – it must be fall in Dallas, Texas. Not only can you count on Halloween planning to be happening at a bar near you, you can bet there are brides to be across Dallas frantically planning the final details of their upcoming wedding. As a wedding and commercial photographer in Dallas, I’ve had more than my fair share of successes and mess-ups at weddings, so I’m sharing my 4 must-know tips for shooting your first fall wedding!

Know your gear and come prepared
This should go without saying, but it’s important to mention. My 12 years as a Dallas headshot and commercial photographer have taught me that you should know every setting, every ISO adjustment, and every trick for your camera – whether it’s Nikon or Canon. Understand all the camera settings for each lens, work out all the options available on your speed light, and you’re good to go.

Scout your locations!
It is vital to the success of your wedding photography shoot in Dallas that you go to the location prior to the big day and study the lighting. Know every shadow possibility, know where to set up your flashes, and be prepared for any last-minute issues that may present themselves. Don’t wing it and show up thinking that you’ve got this.

Write a shot list!
Again, this may sound like common sense but it’s extremely effective in ensuring success. Create a shot list for the exact frames your couple must have in their wedding photography catalogue. Get specific, name the exact people needed in the frame, and determine how and when you’ll get everyone ready for the shot. Timing means a quick and painless shoot.

Assist someone else immediately
You should have been doing this already. Like yesterday. Assist an experienced photographer whose been doing this for a few years. Study their every move, ask tons of questions, make note of what they do and why they’re doing it, and be sure to write down every piece of equipment they use.

If you’re looking for a headshot, commercial, or wedding photographer, contact me today and we’ll get you booked!


3 Creative Business Tips for Success

3 Creative Business Tips for Success







[A snapshot of a recent commercial advertising shoot]


My business shooting headshots in Dallas Tx has grown over the years in different ways. When I first started over 10 years ago, all I had was a camera and a backdrop. These days, I’ve grown and branched out into different types of shoots – commercial photography, group business headshots, modeling headshots, acting headshots, and the list continues to expand. I’ve noticed some of the other creative firms in Dallas keep their secrets to themselves, but I want to share my experience with you this week. Here are 3 creative business tips for success.


Don’t Cut Costs on Marketing


One of the biggest mistakes I hear from clients is they assume their marketing is where they can save. While that may seem like the immediate best option, it has long term side effects. Marketing activities like search engine optimization, creative campaigns and web development are key to a business’ success. After all, if no one knows about you then they can’t hire you.


Highlight Your Employees


There’s a big difference between vendors and partners. Vendors are the people who just supply you with a product or perform a service, nothing more or less. Partners are the people that work together with you to create something big. If your company isn’t highlighting their employees and building a relationship with your clients, then you’re a vendor. Make sure to have routine headshots in Dallas done for your company so clients can put a name with a face and get to know the people who make your business great.


Revitalize Your Brand


Every Mom and Pop business can slap a logo on a stock image of a happy family and call it a day. It’s not creative, it’s just putting something out because you “should.” An effective business practice is creating a different concept that sets you apart from competitors. Develop an idea and strategy, enlist design/copywriting services to build out the concept and book a commercial photography shoot to bring the idea to life. Remember – there are a number of companies doing what you’re doing, be sure to make yours stand out.


I know this may sound very buttoned-up and professional, but that doesn’t mean I only do commercial photography or group business headshots in Dallas. Let’s get in touch if you’re looking into adding value to your business, looking for modeling headshots, acting headshots, or more. Submit a form online or call today.

Protecting and Serving: Chad West, PLLC

My business shooting headshots in Dallas Tx has grown over the years in different ways. When I first started over 10 years ago, all I had was a camera and a backdrop. These days, I’ve grown and branched out into different types of shoots – commercial photography, group business headshots, modeling headshots, acting headshots, and the list continues to expand. Recently, I got to work on a group business headshot job with a person I’ve watched become successful in his own business – Chad West and the Chad West Law Firm in Dallas Tx. I sat down to hear more about the firm and find out what’s made Chad stand out from the other practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Chad’s team of legal professionals and attorneys makes it their mission to protect the legal rights of their clients. Chad’s law office is committed to the Dallas community and their presence is what has helped them make strong bonds with individuals. They believe in providing highly-personalized services to meet each and every one of their clients’ needs, whether they need to update a will, get compensation for their injuries, or be defended from criminal charges.  Their commitment to the Dallas community can be seen through participation in local charitable events.

Chad’s team has experience defending many cases in the Dallas Area and continues to build a reputation in the community that helps each client get the best outcome. The Law Office of Chad West has continued to hold the standard of representing each client and informing them of their options for the case.

Chad himself is an extremely caring attorney – he was taking calls, reviewing cases, and even strategizing how to best serve his current clients at our shoot. As we shot his group business headshot session at my Dallas studio, you could see the level of commitment in his eyes and hear it in his voice.

To learn more about The Office of Chad West and set up your consultation, give them a call at (972) 275 – 2423. To book your group business headshots with me, give me a call or book online today.


Protecting and Serving, Chad West, PLLC

Marching to the beat of his own drum: Terry Loftis’ Bandstand

As a headshot photographer in Dallas, Texas, I’ve worked with almost every sort of professional you can imagine. Last week, I told you about my shoot with Brian Bleeker and Melissa O’Brien of the Bleeker O’Brien Group and how incredibly creative their team is. This week, I got the opportunity to work with another creative mastermind – my dear friend Terry D. Loftis. Not only is Terry a TONY-nominated producer, he’s also President of the full-service marketing communications agency Eisenburg and Associates. This week, I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at Terry’s professional life, his upcoming play Bandstand, and his upcoming feature in PaperCity Magazine!

Terry’s had an amazing career in the advertising industry. He started at TFA Communications, a tech-focused agency that was based in Chicago and owned by Leo Burnett. He later ran the Dallas office and primarily worked with technology companies. After moving on to Citadel Technology, he eventually resigned and started his own agency. “Anything that was tech related, we provided services for. McAfee was my largest account.” The City of Dallas, City of Fort Worth, and Sprint were some other accounts to name a few.

In 2013, Loftis began contracting for The Voice for Amber Carrington. He produced her home segments and they shot scenes all around Dallas, including her concert on Lake Ray Hubbard.

Soon after, Terry got an offer at Eisenberg for their Senior VP role and was promoted to President. While at Eisenberg, a friend approached him to become a co-producer on The Visit, written by Terrance McNally. The show ran at the prestigious Lyceum Theater in New York. The TONY nominees were announced weeks after and they received five nominations, including best musical.

Terry attended the TONY Awards at Radio City Musical Hall, which was “a life-changing experience. I sat at the TONY Awards as a nominee for my show.” Unfortunately, Terry didn’t win, but that didn’t stop him from getting back into the Broadway scene. He was approached to produce the play Bandstand, set to come out in 2017.

I had the opportunity to do a commercial headshot session in Dallas with my dear friend, highlighting his professional career and his philanthropic contributions. In addition to his position as President at Eisenberg and producing shows on Broadway, Terry is Chairman of the Capital Campaign at Resource Center Dallas, serves on the President’s Council of the Advisory Board of Booker T. Washington and the board of directors of The Dallas Way.

Look for the upcoming issue of PaperCity Magazine hitting newsstands soon! For your own commercial photography session, get in contact with me on the web or by phone.

Creativity is Key: The Bleeker O’Brien Group

Over the past few weeks, I’ve interviewed a variety of different people that have come by the studio for headshots in Dallas. Everyone from tax attorneys to style gurus to Real Housewives of Dallas have come by the Beau Bumpas studio for commercial photography. This week’s slightly different: I had the chance to photograph and interview two of Dallas’ hottest and most successful real estate agents – Brian Bleeker and Melissa O’Brien of the Bleeker O’Brien Group.

I know – anyone who knows my line of executive portraits knows I’ve shot more than a handful of real estate agents. It’s Brian and Melissa’s industry savvy and commitment to their clients that sets them apart.

With a combined 13 years of experience, and over $150 million in sales, Brian and Melissa are consistent Top Ten Multi-Million Dollar Producers, and have been overwhelmed and grateful to have received numerous professional awards and distinctions. As effective negotiators and dedicated advocates, Brian and Melissa are equipped to handle the most complex transactions and deliver a fluent close.

And while that sounds prestigious, it’s the heart at the core of their work that makes them different. While Brian and Melissa were in studio for their headshots, they were glued to their phones counseling clients and ensuring each individual received the highest level of care. These two may look like they’re at the top of their game, and it’s because they are – they consistently deliver the highest caliber of client service and exceed expectations.

The Bleeker O’Brien group has been recognized by countless publications and institutions, including D Magazine’s Best Real Estate Agency and The Dallas Voice Reader’s Choice Award.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell, give them a call or visit them online. If you’re jealous of Brian and Melissa’s incredible shots, give me a call today and I’ll hook you up.

The Tax Titan: Interviewing Deborah Gregory

I shoot a wide array of people as a headshot photographer in Dallas, Texas. Everyone from doctors to dog walkers have walked through the doors of my Deep Ellum studio. It’s always fun to shoot different executives or business professionals in Dallas and learn about what they do, but it’s extra special when those people have a passion for what they do. That’s exactly why I was so drawn to the top tax attorney in Dallas, Deborah Gregory of the Gregory Law Group. She’s smart, sassy, sexy, and has more inside knowledge of how the IRS works than anyone I’ve ever met. I sat down with Deborah to learn more about her and the law group.

Before she opened the Gregory Law Group, Deborah worked as a Senior Attorney for the IRS’ Office of Chief Counsel for over 12 years.  Her experience as an IRS Senior Attorney gave her unique institutional knowledge of the IRS and she’s used her knowledge in helping her clients. Her biggest joy, besides her husband and beautiful children, is helping people get out of their financial situations and attain freedom.

Deborah’s the managing member of Gregory Law Group.  She personally meets with every client that comes in for their free consultation and crafts a specific resolution for each case.  Her background as a former IRS Attorney coupled with her tax law experience makes her uniquely qualified to help you resolve IRS problems. (Cue Destiny Child’s “Independent Women.”)

When Deborah’s not acting like Superwoman at her Plano law group, she’s relaxing with her husband and two boys. She’s also got a flair for fashion, so you might catch her at Neiman Marcus.

What I loved most about Deborah was I could relate to her passion. While shooting corporate headshots in Dallas and commercial photography in Dallas isn’t as life changing as solving someone’s IRS issues and debt, we both connected on helping others. It’s refreshing to find a dedicated attorney who’s more concerned about their client than the bottom line.