The Beauty of Environmental Portraits

Portrait photography serves the purpose of capturing a person in a pose that creates a story for that person. Portraits can be very effective in many areas of professionalism for the person. When getting portraits done for yourself, you have the ability to choose the use for them, whether that would be for professional headshots, job applications, business portraits, school portraits, wedding portraits, and even environmental portraits.

Environmental portraits are a little different than regular headshots. An environmental portrait creates a story about the person that no other photo can. It serves the purpose to capture a person in their workspace and professional environment. There are plenty of benefits to environmental portraits for yourself.

Beau Bumpas Can Take Your Environmental Portraits

Beau Bumpas has been taking professional portraits for many years with an extensive and experienced resume. If you’re looking to get your portrait done, think about the creativity that should be involved. Many people want just regular business and professional portraits done for different reasons, but an environmental portrait might stand out more.

The Benefits of Environmental Portraits

There have been many famous photographers who’ve captured a person in their element. Many of these photographs have become famous images that many people recognize. Who knows, maybe one day your environmental portrait will be known around the world.

Here are some benefits to environmental portraits:

  • Capture Your True Working Element
  • Showcase your Studio/Workplace
  • Paint a Picture of Your Life
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Document Your Daily Life
  • Improve Your Resume/Headshots/Professional Look

Enhance Your Professional Look with Environmental Portraits

If you’re looking to get your portraits done, go with the experienced photographer like Beau Bumpas Photography. We have the ability to work with you in a creative way to ensure your portraits portray you in the best of way.

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The Impact of Photographs Can Change the World

Since the very beginning of photography, photos have been precious and sacred. From the start, photos were not taken for granted due to the fact that everything was shot in film and it was expensive. There weren’t many people who knew the technology of a camera, which meant that each photo that was taken had to be perfect. In other words, the technology is not what it is today.

A Photograph Says a Thousand Words

Yes, you’ve probably heard this saying, and if you have not, it is very true. One photograph can tell a story of a thousand words. The impact that one photo can have could change people’s lives and the world around them. We can take a look at some of the most famous photographs or photographers for their work and how they effected people in this world. We can look to specific events in history and take a look at those photographs that captured those events to see how those shots changed the world.

Photography Today

In modern times, photography is a little bit different. We can access a camera on our phones so easily, which makes it something we take for granted. Back in the day, it was rare for people to have cameras. We usually left that to the professionals, but now, everyone has the opportunity to become a “photographer.”

The best part about the medium is that we can still tell the professionals from the amateurs. There is no problem with learning photography or being an amateur at the art. In fact, it’s highly encouraged because like we said, you can change the world with one photo telling a story.

Professional Photographers Are Dedicated to the Craft

You need to understand though that there is a distinct difference between professionals and amateurs. As an amateur, you’re just getting started. You may be learning new styles, techniques, and technology that goes along with the camera and the art itself. With professionals, every photo is important. For Beau Bumpas Photography, every single client who is looking for professional headshots requires the best of the best. Beau Bumpas understands that every single photograph taken can have a profound impact on the world.

From wedding photographs to corporate headshots, every photograph he takes is precious. Each one needs to be set up perfectly, so the client can be represented well. One executive photo of yourself could help you land that dream job. At Beau Bumpas Photography, that is exactly what we’re trying to do!

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Why Choose an Individual Photographer Over a Company?

Freelance and contract photographers around the world dedicate their life and time to delivering the best work possible. There are plenty of photography companies out there that conduct the same business from weddings to portraits, but what makes an individual photographer the better choice?

Well, we’re here to explain why supporting an individual photographer over a company is the better one. Getting your commercial photographs, wedding photos, corporate headshots, and business portraits done can be stressful, but Beau Bumpas is here to help!

Individual Photographers Take Responsibility

When hiring a photographer for a wedding, an event, headshots, portraits, or business portraits, you have to be able to trust your choice of choosing a professional. An individual photographer has dedicated their career to this work, which means they have to answer to the customer. Freelance photographers working for themselves have to answer to the customer, which is why their work is commonly some of the best you can find.

When you choose to hire a photographer company with several photographers contracted out by them, you are sometimes rolling the dice. You never know who you may get, and it could leave you with not-so-great results.

Individual Photographers are Building a Portfolio

For individuals, a strong portfolio is everything. No matter the situation, a solo photographer is going to give you their best work possible because they need to build and improve their portfolio. They may have big dreams in the future, and mediocre work is not going to help them climb that mountain to the top.

We’re Not Saying Photography Companies are Bad

We don’t want to discourage your choice of choosing a photography company. There are plenty of companies out in the world that deliver stellar photos, but if you’re looking to support someone dedicating everything they have to their career, choosing an individual contract photographer is the way to go. Supporting local and small businesses helps to boost the economy, and it also helps individuals make a good living for themselves.

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Why Don’t People Take Photos Like They Used to?

Do you remember being a kid and going to parties where your relatives would capture the event with a camera? It seems like those times are long gone in terms of the way we take photos and capture moments. Since technology has changed the way we take photos, we’re seeing more phone selfies and pics of every little thing we see.

We used to go to our grandparents and look through hundreds of photos from reunions and other family gatherings. People would go and get their photos taken by professionals for memories. Now, we’re capturing every moment to forget about the importance of them.

Some Are Appreciating a Good Photo

Although the business of photography hasn’t changed too drastically, some are still going out and getting their photos taken for good reason.

Why is it Important to Have Your Photos Taken?

We know that using your phone’s camera to capture every single dinner you’ve had, or every moment of every day can be toxic, but getting your photos taken professional can serve a great purpose. Maybe you’d like to have your anniversary photos taken, or maybe you want professional headshots taken of you for business reasons.

Reasons for getting professional and memorable photos taken can range from creating lasting memories to making a first impression on a job hunt or an audition.

We Need to Take Photos the Right Way

When we take photos and use them for good purpose, we increase the value of the actual photo. Instead of just taking random photos, shoot for purpose and print out your photos for meaningful memories.

The Benefits of Getting Your Photos Taken Professionally:

  •  Create Meaningful Memories
  • Increase Professional Portfolio (acting, business)
  • Support Local Photographers

At Beau Bumpas Photography, you can have your professional headshots, wedding photos, and model shoots taken for a meaningful purpose while supporting a local Texas Photographer. Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today or reach out online for more information!

How Photographers are Working Through COVID-19

COVID-19 Pandemic has sidelined many photographers in their work. Photographers around the country have had to find different ways to continue working, whether it be paid or for free. Many states have deemed photography work non-essential leaving freelancers unable to go out and obtain clients and make money.

This is when photography turns to journalism and storytelling. We hear the stories of photographers going out and documenting the times during COVID-19, and of course now the protests for George Floyd.

Life During Quarantine

One great thing for photographers who’ve been struggling to find work have found an outlet. A project started by photographers Hannah Yoon and Charlotte Schmitz has brought together a collaborative of 400 photographers worldwide documenting life during quarantine. “The Journal has become a system of support and motivation for hundreds of photographers scattered across the globe who are losing income, are isolated…”

No matter what career you’re in, many of us are losing income doing what we do. Not everyone has the opportunity to be deemed essential business, which means for those who are still working, we need to band together to help those in need.

How Can We Help Photographers?

Whether you’re in a state that has opened fully or not, our duty is to support those with careers that are taking a major hit. Beau Bumpas Photography provides corporate headshots and executive portraits in Dallas, Texas. Many of us need to understand the importance of headshots, whether you’re going into the entertainment business or corporate workforce, a headshot will enhance your professionalism and first impression.

We encourage everyone that if you have the time and funds to improve your resume and portfolio, go support a local photographer like Beau Bumpas, and also get a step ahead in your job search. Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today!

The Importance of Headshots for Your Job Search

Many people around the country are unemployed now due to layoffs caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic and the closing of many businesses nationwide. It’s a hectic time in the world, but there is still hope if you’re stuck at home. You may not have a job right now, but that does not mean you can’t get a head start on job searching. One of the most important things when interviewing for jobs is the first impression.

As we continue to social distance ourselves and stay home, professional headshots play a major role in defining your first impression on a company or hiring manager. Updating your professional headshots can even make or break the interview.

Finding the Right Photographer

Searching for the right photographer is stressful because you want to make sure they have the professional equipment and experience to make your headshots presentable.

Here are some tips for choosing a photographer:

  • Look for Experience – It’s extremely important that you choose a photographer with years of experience or a solid portfolio. If they have a digital presence with a substantial photography website, they most likely produce professional work.
  • Photography Equipment – You may not have the knowledge of cameras and photo equipment, but it’s important that you ask the photographer what equipment and cameras they use if you’re looking to hire. If they don’t have a camera, they probably are using their phone’s camera, which wouldn’t be worth the money if you could set up your camera phone on your own.
  • Portfolio – When looking at their online portfolio and experience, take a look at the headshots they have done. It’s important that you like their photos and style because if not, then you probably will have an issue with the photos they produce for you.

Be Proactive When Job Searching

Dress the part you are looking for. Every headshot is different depending on the person and the career path they have taken. When you’re updating headshots, it’s crucial that you keep this in mind. When you’re comfortable with the photographer you hire, the photos that are taken turn out to be great! Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today to get your professional headshots updated.

How to Choose a Professional Photographer

It’s not a sure thing when researching professional photographers to hire. Whether you’re looking for corporate & executive headshots, commercial portraits, wedding photos, or any other type of photoshoot, choosing the right professional photographer is extremely important. When choosing the right photographer to hire, you’ll have to make sure a few things are in order with whom you come across that you’re interested in hiring.

Here are 3 Things to look out for when choosing your professional photographer:

Photography Portfolio

This is crucial to choosing the perfect photographer for your shoot. Make sure that the professional photographer you choose has a strong photography website or portfolio that you can look through to make sure they can bring to the table everything you need for your shoot. Not only do they need a strong collection, but they also should have specific photos to backup certain categories.

If you’re looking to get your executive headshot taken, be sure they have examples under that style to show you. Don’t waste your time with a photographer who claims they can conduct those shoots without having anything to display for you.

Professional Experience

Professional experience is a good thing to look for during your search because it gives them credentials that others may not have. If they have a “photography resume” to show you, then their credibility will increase. Along with experience, you’ll want to know a little bit about them from personal standpoint.

So many photographers don’t reveal an about page or a personal photo of themselves on their website. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does definitely help to be able to read a little bit about the photographer and see a photo of them.  In any field, people enjoy getting to know the person they are hiring or going to work with because if trust is built, then the professional relationship will be great.

Equipment and Process

We live in a world where everyone and their mother has a camera. Many people claim to be a professional photographer using only a smart phone camera. This is not a professional photographer. Smart phone cameras have come a long way with quality of photos and techniques, but usually someone claiming to be a pro just using a phone camera most likely does not know the mechanics and technicality of professional photography. Choose a photographer with the right professional camera and equipment.

Another thing to think about is the process that goes into the photographer’s shoot. You’ll want to choose a professional photographer that has an organized and detailed process, so that the shoot will run smoothly. A photographer that also can make you feel comfortable during a shoot is very important as well. You never want to be tense or stressed out during a photoshoot.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer to hire for your corporate and executive headshots or portraits, contact Beau Bumpus Photography at 214-394-1384!

Photography Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

Photography is a form of art, which allows you to capture a moment in time and savor it for the rest of your life. The creativity in photography is unending, which can be great for your mental health and creative aspirations. With the incredible advancement of digital photography, the world becomes brighter.

How Photography Benefits Your Mental Health

Believe it or not, dabbling in some photography can really benefit your mental health. For example, even though you’re behind the camera shooting photos, people are paying attention to the person holding the camera. If you feel self-conscious about being noticed, this act will get you out of your comfort zone and boost your confidence.

  • Perspective – Photography gives you a different perspective on life. When capturing a moment in time, you’re able to analyze the photo you’ve taken. A picture will tell several stories depending on the subject. You may be creating a story through your photography as well.
  • Social Anxiety – Carrying a camera around will draw eyes to you. Practicing this will help boost your confidence and social anxiety. If you’re someone who is shy and needs to get out of their shell, going out and shooting photos can release some anxiety.
  • Physically active – Going out shooting photos allows you to stay active. When your taking pictures, usually you’re constantly walking around and finding new spots to shoot. You may have to squat down or climb up to get those amazing shots.
  • Distracts you from Stress – Allowing yourself to walk out of the house with a camera gives you a stress-release from your everyday life and activities. Your focus is on the picture you’re capturing.

Photography allows you to escape the stress and gives you feeling of self-confidence to boost your mental health and morale.

Beau Bumpas Photography

A professional photographer, such as Beau Bumpas Photography, can help you get the best executive portraits and corporate head shots you need to present yourself in a manner that inspires confidence and utmost professionalism.

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Everyone’s a Photographer

This era of advanced technology has brought the world some amazing inventions and materials, but some things have caused problems with people. One being this idea that everyone is a photographer. With almost everyone carrying a cell phone that takes incredible photos and an Instagram account, we’re seeing more and more people calling themselves photographers.

 Is this a bad thing? Not quite. It’s actually pretty cool to see the access we have to technology, art, and education in the field. But some people think they have a better understanding of the art than some who may have had formal education or decades of experience. Let’s try and clear the air for some people.

Technology is Helping us Weed out Mediocrity

The advancement of technology with Digital Photography has become so incredible that it’s tough to wrap our heads around. The encouragement of photography is great for our world because it gets people out documenting stories and creative ideas.

The problem with people calling themselves “photographers” when they only have experience using their cellphone to take a selfie causes plenty of issues.  For example, if a small business is looking to get some photos taken for their company, they may go a cheaper route and hire a cellphone photographer. This is rolling the dice.

Why Go with a Professional?

A professional like Beau Bumpas can give you professional executive portraits and headshots that will look good for your business whatever the size of the company. We don’t want to discourage anyone from dabbling in photography. Photography is a great hobby or profession to explore your artistic thoughts and ideas. If you’re an aspiring photographer, study techniques and talk to professional photographers for advice and tips on becoming better!

Looking for a professional headshot? Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today to get your headshot taken, so that you can make a great first impression.

What are Portraits Used for?

Getting your portrait professionally taken can be useful for many different reasons.  There are also many different types of portraits including senior portraits, executive portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, etc. The importance of them can even relate to the make or break for a career.

Corporate & Executive Portraits

These can be extremely important for a career. Whether you’re an actor, musician, or a business person, a headshot or portrait can help your career in a tremendous way. Having an up-to-date headshot is important when looking for jobs, especially in the entertainment industry. It also can make you look very professional and trustworthy in the business world.

  • First impressions are critical
  • Professionalism
  • Shows individuality and personality
  • Personable in the work environment

Uses for these portraits:

If you’re in the business world, these professional headshots can be used for your company’s website, which will help grow the business because companies or customers will see that you are personable by introducing you and your team.  This creates trust within partnerships and other business. These headshots can also be used for business cards and resumes.

Social Media is filled with nonsense and oversaturation of unattractive photos.  Your headshots can be used for your social media profiles like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  If you want to look professional, especially in the social media world where everything seems to be unprofessional, an executive headshot is essential.

They also can be used for advertising purposes, such as magazines and brochures. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to be an experienced professional in the business world or entertainment industry to get your corporate and executive headshot taken. This will help you gain recognition and professionalism, so that your career can take off!

Beau Bumpas Photography

Looking for a professional headshot? Contact Beau Bumpas Photography at 214-394-1384 today to get your headshot taken, so that you can make a great first impression.