Why It’s Important to Get Your Executive Portrait

Photography is rapidly changing and adapting these days to the new technologies and mobile apps. Still, the importance of getting your executive portrait done has not changed. Why? Because it gives us leverage and class over people who do not get this done.

The Advantages in Your Career

There comes several advantages and benefits to having an executive portrait done.

If you’re a business person, this is highly recommended because you can use these in your portfolio and Linkedin. Even if you’re not looking for jobs, this will give you a professional look when networking and doing business with other companies. The most important thing in business is making good impressions. It’s just good business. 

An actor/actress might need an updated executive portrait or head shot for some new roles they are auditioning for. It’s always a good idea to have updated beautiful head shots on you to showcase your personality and look in one image. Acting has so much to do with expression and look. A professional executive portrait will absolutely display that. You might be in the Dallas, TX area and are looking to move to Los Angeles to advance your career. Updated head shots done by a professional photographer would be the best move for you before you relocate to the opportunity town.

An Executive Portrait for Everyone

You don’t always have to be a professional business person or in the entertainment business to get an executive portrait or head shot done. These portraits and head shots can be good for anyone wanting to get a professional photo shoot done. Maybe you’d like some updated good-looking photos of yourself for personal reasons.

Hire a Professional

Not only is it smart to get executive portraits or head shots done, but it is also the best idea to get them done by professional photographer Beau Bumpas Photography. With over 10 years of professional shooting experience, Beau will give you the best-looking results that you’ll need to go out into the world.

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Why Choose a Professional Over an “Instagram Photographer?”

Instagram has been a very beneficial social media platform for photographers to gain followers and display their work. However, it has become overly saturated with people calling themselves professionals simply because they have access to a few flattering filters.  This can cause issues when looking for a true professional for your executive portraits or head shots.

A Professional is Worth It

This is not to talk less of amateur photographers trying to work on their craft or get clients. Professional photographers had to start out somewhere, too, and we applaud anyone trying to better their craft. But when choosing a professional over an “Instagram Photographer,” it is always worth it to go with the experienced and the established. With professional photographers your business is their livelihood, and they will dedicate their time and effort to make your portraits the best you can get. 

Experience Is What Matters

The amount of years a professional photographer has spent behind the lens should be a big factor when considering a photographer for your executive portraits . Photography is a craft you should continue to grow and learn more about every single day, but if a photographer has been practicing for years and has an extensive portfolio to show, it will undoubtedly make you feel more comfortable working with them.  You want the best of the best for your company or business, so it is wise to choose the best. 

What to look for

You’ll notice a big difference in quality when you choose to go with a professional over an aspiring photographer. 

Here is a quick list of things to look for when choosing a professional corporate photographer, such as Beau Bumpas Photography:

  • Number of years photographing
  • Resume and corporate headshot portfolio
  • Level of passion

Keeping these things on your radar will make choosing the right photographer much easier and the experience much more enjoyable.

Tips for aspiring photographers

Try to build up your resume with confidence and professionalism by creating a plan for your work.  If you know the art of photography well, then your professionalism will show when trying to get clients. Another thing to do is to keep educating yourself in photography. We are always learning new ideas and seeing things we haven’t come across in the past, which is why it is always good to learn from others and research technique.  These tips will help you become a better professional in the long-run. 

A professional photographer, such as Beau Bumpas Photography, can help you get the best executive portraits and corporate head shots you need to present yourself in a manner that inspires confidence and utmost professionalism.

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What Color Should You Wear in Your Corporate Headshot?

Corporate headshots are essential for today’s modern professional, whether you’re networking, job hunting or projecting a polished image on your website.

When preparing for yours, every detail matters—remember, it’s your chance to make a good first impression.

As professional photographers, one question we often get from our clients is: “What color should I wear in my corporate headshot?”

Here are our suggestions:

Wearing black

Black business attire communicates an image of sophistication and power.

If you’re the boss (or want to be), it’s a great choice.

Neutrals with pops of color

headshot of an older man wearing blue and whiteA great way to convey some personality in your headshot is to incorporate neutrals into your look with pops of bright color. Oatmeal, gray and tan are great neutral colors, and you can add a blue or green sweater for contrast.

Choose colors that complement your skin tone!

Deep, rich colors

Burgundy and forest green tend to look good on camera. They also have powerful connotations in the business world. Burgundy signifies authority and confidence, whereas green is calming and reassuring.

One popular color that often doesn’t work as well is white.

The reason? It can project an image of coldness, and it can overexpose on camera and distract from your face. That said, if white is your go-to color, an experienced professional photographer can figure out the perfect lighting to make it work!

Need a new corporate headshot in the Dallas area?

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5 Ways Company-Wide Professional Headshots Can Enhance Your Business

Female Professional HeadshotBranding, quality, first impressions, numbers, professionalism: the success of these five factors is a top priority for any business, and one easy way to improve on all fronts is with company-wide executive portraits.

High-quality portraits highlighting yourself and your employees can enhance your business on many levels:

Strengthen your brand

When potential clients associate your brand with a face, they feel more connected to your company.

Humans crave connection and emotion and playing to their expressive nature gives your brand a boost. People like to know who they are working with; corporate headshots can effectively strengthen your overall presence and company image.

Emphasize your professionalism

Your business thrives on professionalism and reputation. Executive portraits capture this dedication to a professional troupe and share it with the world. It’s simple—people who look professional draw attention to themselves as trustworthy and qualified.

A professional headshot improves your client’s ideas about your business and makes them want to learn more about you. People want to work with professionals, not amateurs!

Have control over your first impression

The first impression your business creates is everything in the corporate world. The face you put out to the public is what needs to draw consumers in and what will attract new clients and partners.

When you present your company through executive portraits, the first impression you give is one of commitment and dedication to your business, painting you in a positive light right from the get-go. 

Male Professional HeadshotImprove your numbers

The more you draw in clients and potential partners with your new executive portraits, the higher your numbers climb in sales and transactions. When you brand your business as trustworthy and professional, you draw in more people who wish to work with you and learn about what you have to offer. This in turn leads to new sales prospects and increases the likelihood of success.

Show your commitment to quality

There is nothing like a business that focuses on quality through and through.

High-quality executive portraits show your business as credible and competent, allowing you to better connect with other professionals through your obvious attention to excellence. Superior photos tell consumers you value only the best in performance and service, leading them to trust and accept your business with open arms.

Present your business in the best light with professional executive portraits and corporate headshots from Beau Bumpas Photography. Let us capture your personality with authentic, honest photos.

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The Importance of Executive Headshots in Business Marketing

Successful business marketing goes beyond simply promoting your products and services, but by highlighting the people that make your company tick.

Consumers choose to do business with transparent companies they feel they can trust.

Creating this type of atmosphere starts with high-quality, professional executive headshots.

Why? Executive headshots play a central role in business marketing.


Consumers need to make connections

Consumers want to work with someone they feel a strong connection with and someone they feel they can trust. Executive headshots provide consumers the opportunity to connect with you.

At our most basic level as humans, we first decide a person’s character by how trustworthy and genuine they appear. If a client does not find your photo welcoming and inviting, or worse—you don’t have one at all—they may move on to a different company.

Executive Headshots Dallas TXYour business deserves personality

Executive headshots give your business personality. Consumers like to see whom they will be working with before they agree to do business with you. Marketing your company with professional headshots of your staff members gives you a touch of personality, essential for showing who you are behind the facts and figures.

Quality matters in executive portraits

Since headshots are vital in helping consumers build relationships and giving your company personality, headshot photo quality matters. Clear and natural-looking photos create the best representation of your employees.

Proves professionalism

Headshots give you the opportunity to prove you are a professional in your field and that your company is a force to be reckoned with in your industry.

Ready to step up your business marketing game? Trust Beau Bumpas Photography for authentic, professional executive portraits and corporate headshots. Give us a call at 214-394-1384 today to learn more about booking a session!

3 Essential Makeup Tips for your Executive Portrait

When preparing for a corporate headshot, it’s easy to become hung up on how exactly you’ll do your makeup.

Read on for some essential makeup tips for your executive portrait that will help you put your best face forward!

Preparing your skin

Your makeup will look infinitely better if you prep your skin first, and bonus points if you can swing a week in advance.

Leading up to your session, get a facial if you can. Then right before your photo session, gently exfoliate your skin.

Afterward, apply a lightweight moisturizer and don’t forget to get some lip balm on those lips.

Next up, prime your skin with a primer that fits your individual skin needs, whether that’s reducing redness, oiliness, dryness, etc.

Perfecting your look

Foundation is a must for professional photos in order to even your skin tone and leave it looking velvety smooth. You’ve been working hard and it’s showing with those under-eye circles.

Concealer will help neutralize any darkness or redness and using a pink or peachy color will help tone them down. Avoid using powder or you risk appearing one dimensional.

Feeling your best

You want to appear effortless, not made up like a pageant queen. Use shades like ivories, apricots, browns, and pinks to avoid looking harsh on camera. Your makeup should appear natural and well-blended.

Does the stress of doing your makeup for your executive portrait make you want to avoid the endeavor altogether?

At Beau Bumpas, we not only take esteemed headshots and executive portraits, but we also have access to a talented makeup artist that will keep you looking your best throughout the entire session.

Browse through our headshot gallery and give us a call at 214-394-1384 to book your session!

Preparing for an Executive Portrait: Three Posing Tips

There is perhaps no photo more important—at least, not professionally—than your executive headshot. This photograph acts as your first impression, to potential employers as well as future clients and business partners.

Your headshot should portray a natural sense of professionalism, hard work, and determination; a lot of that being conveyed through your pose.

Your eyes say it all

When we look at a photograph of someone, we often don’t realize that the first thing we look at is their eyes. The eyes are what offer the window into your personality. Since your headshot will be just a still photo, your eyes will be responsible for communicating and engaging with your viewer.

Stand up straight

We all remember our childhood, with our parents asking us over and over again to maintain good posture.

Well, they might’ve been onto something!

If you appear slouchy in your stance, then it may tell the viewer you are low on confidence or even lazy. So, try to keep your back straight, with your chin out towards the camera.

What should you do with your hands?

Have you ever looked at a photograph after and asked, “what was I doing with my hands?” Not to worry, it happens to us all when we’re standing in front of a camera and become hyperaware of our extremities. Suddenly, your arms are contorted around your body, trying their best to “be natural.”

So, to evade that situation during your executive portrait, keep your hands relaxed. Most often, if you are sitting, you can simply put them on your lap, or if there is a desk, utilize the platform in front of you!

With these tips in mind, you’re ready for your close-up! However, at Beau Bumpas Photography, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help showcase who you are as a professional in your industry through your headshot. Call us at 214-394-1384 today to learn more about an executive portrait session with us!

Headshot Tips for Actors to Impress the Casting Director

The life of an actor is a competitive one; your talents and appearance are compared to thousands of other actors vying for the same role. It starts with your headshot falling into the hands of the casting agent and making a good first impression, or at least standing out in some way among the rest.

Bring emotion, personality and YOU into the headshot

Your headshot should not be a façade; the portrait should represent who you are as an individual and portray exactly what a casting director will get if they were to hire you. As they are flipping through the surplus of headshots that have been submitted, they are trying to place you into their vision, so the last thing you want is to show up at your audition looking nothing like your photo.

Rehearse your headshot at home just as you would lines for a role

Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced actor, you should already know that appearance weighs heavily in the film industry. Practice various poses and facial expressions prior to your photoshoot. This rehearsal will not only make you better prepared for the camera, but it will also make you more confident in your emotions that will be portrayed through your photo to the casting director.

Consider your typecast

If you do not know the type of role you thrive in or seem to be repeatedly given, your headshot will inevitably determine that. It is the job of a casting director to look at a headshot and immediately determine your age, attractiveness, societal role, and other personality traits. So, as you practice those expressions in the mirror, stay honest with yourself and try not to turn a clearly lovable nerd into a tough guy.

Headshots are one of the most valuable assets to actors looking for that breakthrough role and that’s why it’s essential that they are the best pictures money can buy. Many actors have come to me for their headshots through recommendations from several casting agencies throughout Dallas, Texas and have gone onto ace their auditions. Give me a call at 214-394-1384 today to learn more about working together!

What to Wear for a Professional Headshot

An executive headshot is one of the most valuable assets to your personal brand. That’s why it’s important that your clothing reflects your personality, credibility, and who you are as a professional in your industry.

Solids work better than patterns

Keep it simple when it comes to the design and style of your clothing. Patterns and heavily textured items tend to distract from the main focus of the headshot, which is you, and that defeats the purpose.

For example, tight grid-like patterns can have a weird effect on the camera, but if you would like to incorporate a pattern, thin stripes usually work well. However, under no circumstances should your clothing have writing or a logo displayed on it.

Clothing tips for men:

  • Avoid shiny, reflective materials, like silk ties
  • Stay classy with a dark suit in navy or gray
  • Try to land the color of your tie between the tones of your suit and dress shirt
  • Bring a variety of outfits, suits and ties, and at least one business casual outfit

Clothing tips for women:

  • Stay away from stark white, unless under a jacket, cardigan, or sweater
  • Jewelry should add to an outfit, not detract from it
  • Avoid short sleeves – bare arms usually take away from an executive headshot
  • Bring a variety of dress shirts, suits, and professional blouses

Choosing the right colors

It’s a general rule of thumb with any headshot that brighter colors express youth and darker colors express maturity. Keep this in mind when considering the image that will represent your professional persona. Factor in your skin tone as well. If you have a lighter skin tone, avoid lighter colors that could make you appear washed out. If you have medium or darker skin tones, stay away from earthy tones that may be similar to your skin color.

And of course, make sure to choose colors that you love and that look good on you. If you don’t know what those colors are, consider a hue that brings out the color in your eyes. If you’re still struggling, that’s what options are for! Bring at least 4 different outfits and I’ll help you find the most flattering one for you. Give me a call at 214-394-1384 today to book your headshot or executive portrait!

INDURing and Thriving: Brandt Beal

My experience has been that passion is key to success. I started shooting executive portraits and commercial photography because I’m obsessed with business and watching companies grow. I’ve recently profiled other moguls in the DFW area like Daniel Eng and Dr. Ben Tittle, but my latest session had an extra-inspiring tone because of the backstory. This week’s blog is about INDURing and Thriving: Brandt Beal.

Before getting into the healthcare industry, Brandt was part of a consulting firm that specialized in the oil and gas industry. Risk, compliance, finance, HR – whatever you needed, Brandt was your man.

What propelled Beal to start INDUR was really simple – he felt “skinny fat” and out of control of his own health. After years of feeling like he wasn’t in control of his body, he prioritized his health and sought medical opinion. First he had lab tests performed that weren’t covered by insurance, and the doctor simply just told him he wasn’t dying but had no insight. Brandt performed his own research, bounced through many providers, and finally found that there were a number of issues. He was insulin-resistant, had sex hormone imbalances, and his cortisol was through the roof.

“I was a mess. Once I started changing that, I felt like a new person.”

Accessing that information to change his own life inspired him to start INDUR and, in turn, inspired him to help others. Now Brandt has a successful healthcare organization with a nationwide network of providers. He’s received recognition locally and nationally for his incredible approach to helping others stay on top of their own health.

Here’s a brief step-by-step process of the INDUR experience:

  1. Blood test: This first step is extremely important because all factors are direct reflections of what’s going on internally. Think of an individual who is chronically challenged by weight loss – once we diagnose the biomarkers and implications, we can make recommendations based on the findings.
  2. Analytical AI system: custom-created to compare results against hundreds of thousands of results to find similarities.
  3. Once the test results come in, the system prioritizes specific individual recommendations to create a customized road map. Telemedicine is also provided if needed. INDUR only uses functional medicine providers, starting with supplements and natural remedies first – only recommending pharmaceuticals if necessary.
  4. Follow up based on day-marker goals to dial in advanced solutions or track progress. Full-panel check-up every six months.

To start your own fitness and health journey, check out https://getindur.com/. To book your next executive headshot or commercial photography session, call me today or book a session online!